Anti-gay violence up 23%..Wtf????

Very disturbing news to say the least. These numbers are suppose to be coming down not up. But to be truthful, i lie the blame on all anti-gay bigots, i.e. Politicians, members of the clergy, religious institutions, anti-gay hate groups and their leaders. Anyone who promotes homophobia is to blame for this. 

Twenty-seven LGBT people and HIV-affected people were killed in 2010, according to the latest numbers from the NCAVP. Total incidents of violence, which include victims who survived, were up 13% from 2009 to 2010. The statistics found that LGBT people of color and transgender women were subject to a disproportionate number of attacks — 70% of the 27 murders in 2010 were LGBT and HIV-affected people of color, while transgender women made up 44% of the murder victims. deets here

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