Update: Pastor suspended 20 days for marrying lesbians

Yesterday I posted about gay Methodist Rev. Amy DeLong who was found guilty of mirroring two lesbians. Heaven forfend! Now the church has handed down its punishment. I’ll let you read it yourself and then laugh at how pathetic these losers are.

A gay Methodist pastor from western Wisconsin was suspended for 20 days Thursday for officiating a lesbian wedding, marking a modest victory for traditionalists in a growing rift over recognition of gay and lesbian partnerships in the church.The Rev. Amy DeLong of Osceola never denied marrying the couple, an act that prompted a church trial this week in Kaukauna. A jury of clergy convicted her Wednesday by a 13-0 vote.

The jury could also have chosen to defrock DeLong. Instead it limited the penalty to the suspension, which will begin July 1.

“The suspension is to be used for spiritual discernment, in preparation for a process seeking to restore the broken clergy-covenant relationship,” the jury’s ruling said.

The jury also demanded DeLong draft and present a document outlining issues that harm the United Methodist Church’s clergy covenant. If she doesn’t comply she’ll be suspended for another year starting in June 2012.

DeLong did not immediately respond to a telephone message. deets here

If i were DeLong my response to the church would be short and simple: Blow Me….

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