SD Priest blames gay activists for controversy over gay man denied funeral…

A local priest is accused of saying San Diego gay activists set his church up after a local Catholic church canceled a funeral for gay parishioner John Sanfilippo.

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The San Diego-based religious website California Catholic Daily posted a report on Wednesday quoting a parishioner who attended the mass at the church, Our Lady of the Rosary. That person said Father Louis Solcia told the congregation that he believes the controversy was a “setup” by gay activists.

This was said on the same day the Diocese of San Diego told the media the initial funeral arrangements were canceled by “a visiting priest, substituting during the pastor’s vacation, and was not familiar with local practice.”

Solcia, let me explain to you how the gays work. Because clearly you have not done your homework. We don’t have to setup groups like yours or anyone else’s. You guys do an awesome job of it on your own. Nor do we do things such as cover-up and protect pedophile priests, fight to deny people equal rights or tell people that what they are is sinful and they are going to hell. That is the religious rights department. And when you get caught and your true colors are shown you immediately try to blame it on those “Gay activists”. Face the facts that you people can’t get away with shit anymore….Kissez

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