Right wingers freaking out over gay pride Old Navy shirts…

Boring old anti-gay blowhard Bryan anal Fischer is at it again. This time the nutcase is going after Old Navy for their gay pride T-shirts. 10% of the proceeds are donated to the “It Gets Better Project”. Fischer says the store should be ashamed of themselves.

“This is a lifestyle of which participants ought to be ashamed,” said Bryan Fischer, the organization’s director of issue analysis, on his radio show Wednesday. “They ought to be embarrassed. They ought to be as embarrassed as Anthony Weiner is for their conduct.”

Fischer told listeners that they should visit their nearest store and “let them know you are not going to be shopping at Old Navy until they get their minds right on this deal.”
Another group The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has join Fischer in his hate.  I highly doubt that Old Navy cares about what two groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups have to say. Nor do I think the majority of Americans care either.

As for ON’s part their Facebook page asks consumers to show they care: “With your support, we can create a prosperous and happy future for our LGBT youth.” apparently the shirts have been selling like hot cakes.

Oh Brian give up the ghost. You’re fighting a losing battle. You should be celebrating your golden years instead of obsessing over an inevitable cultural shift in our society. Let me say it one more time; YOU ARE LOSING.

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