officers turn in badges and weapons after Atlanta Eagle bar investigation….

Several Atlanta police officers have turned in their guns and badges after an investigation concluded they mishandled a raid on a midtown gay bar.

Six months after the city paid more than $1 million to settle a lawsuit in connection with the raid at the Atlanta Eagle Bar, the city hired a prestigious law firm to investigate what really happened that night two years ago. On Tuesday night, the Atlanta mayor’s office emailed Channel 2 Action News the findings of that investigation and an internal investigation, saying there will be repercussions for the officers’ actions.

“The reports conclude that most of the officers involved in the operation did not conform to the APDs standard operating procedures,” the mayor’s office said.

The report concluded most of the officers involved in the September 2009 raid at the Eagle Bar violated department procedure, and disciplinary action is expected. deets here

Lesson of the day: Don’t Eff with the gays! Those days are over, po po…

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