Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor & Marlon Brando drove across country from NY during 9/11…

I cannot take it! Talk about Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This is beyond hysterical if this story is true. In this months Vanity Fair, friends of Liz’s relates stories about the icon. And this is just one of the stories and it’s too good to be true.
As the tale goes, Taylor and Marlon Brando were visiting New York City for Michael Jackson’s concert tour that rolled through Madison Square Garden on Sept. 10, 2001. When the terrorists struck the next day, the three pop culture icons looked to flee the chaos that descended upon the city, perhaps fearing they’d be targeted as well. But with a strict ground order for all planes, even the elite couldn’t take off. And that’s when they decided to hit the road.

Michael Jackson led the group across the Hudson into New Jersey, where they snagged a rental car and began their 500-mile odyssey westward. Jackson’s former assistant says that Michael and Marlon split the driving duties, with Elizabeth taking the backseat. Brando annoyed his travel companions by stopping at every KFC and Burger King along the way — so that explains his rather portly appearance in his later years. Eventually they reached a mystery destination in Ohio, where they presumably were able to get a flight.
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Could you imagine being on the highway in the middle of the country in looking into the car beside you and seeing these three? Or being a worker at KFC or Burger King and they come in for a whopper w/ cheese?

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