Main says hell no to anti-transgender bill…

Good news today for our transgender peeps in Maine. A bill that would have banned transgender people from filing complaints against public institutions and schools for not allowing them use of bathrooms and locker rooms was defeated last night. Thank God. Although I am quite surprised considering that Republicans have control of the house.

Passage of LD 1046 was rejected by the House, 61-81, in a late Tuesday night vote that saw 15 Republicans break with the Democratic minority. On Wednesday the Senate voted 11-23 against the bill’s passage.

During the Senate debate Sen. Phil Bartlett, D-Gorham, said the bill was “mean-spirited” and could lead to a slew of lawsuits.

“It seems to be brought forward by the last bastion of bigotry and hatred,” Bartlett said. “Let’s stand up together and say no.”

What people really should be worried about in bathrooms are the skanks that don’t wash their hands after they relieve themselves…I was at Disney land the other day and you should have seen the amount of men that did not wash their hands. Gross.

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