Ex-gay therapist and male escort lover George Rekers Says he is not to blame for gay mans suicide…

CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a report on the “Sissy Boy Experiment”. In it Cooper spoke to the family of Kirk Murphy who committed suicide at age 38 in 2003. As a child when Murphy started exhibiting feminine qualities his parents enrolled him in an experimental program at UCLA to “de-gay” gay him in 1970.

The so-called Dr. who performed the therapy was none other than George Rekers the former go to expert on ex-gay therapy. Rekers has written books and has testified that conversion therapy works. Which we all know is a lie as does Rekers himself who was caught with a male escort in a Miami airport. Rekers denies that he is gay and that no sexual contact happened between him in the escort, however the escort claims he gave Rekers sexual massages and Rekers was caught on tape telling the escort to lie. I believe the escort.

During the second part of the series CNN tracked down Rekers as he was getting into his car. When the reporter told him of Murphy’s suicide, Rekers claimed he was unaware of it. Murphy was the person of whom Rekers referred to as Kraig in his books. Alleging that he was cured of his homosexuality and touted by Rekers as his most successful case. Although that was the furthest from the truth.

In the clip below Rekers, whom I compare to Nazi “angel of death” doctor Josef Mengele defends the therapy and says he is not to blame for Murphy’s suicide.
“I only meant to help,” Rekers said. “The rationale was positive to help the children, help the parents who come to us in their distress, asking questions [like], ‘what can we do to help our child be better adjusted?’”

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