Condoms Marketed To Gay Men…

The maker of a new brand of condoms believes it has solved that issue. The Florida-based Grove Medical LLC is marketing Sensis Condoms with QuickStrips as having “fast, safe application technology.”

The condoms come attached with pull-down strips the company argues makes them easier and more accurate to put on. The back of each latex condom also has a simple 1-2-3-step picture diagram of how the clear plastic strips work.

The company argues the design eliminates the need to “flip” a condom in order to figure out which way it should be applied, thus diminishing the risk it will be soiled. It also argues that the strips help men correctly apply the condoms even in the dark or if they are intoxicated.

“If we can eliminate those problems, we can make the experience better for all involved,” said R. Beau Thompson, who came up with the idea for the strips and patented them. “What we are about is making life better through technology. If we can improve it, and still stay safe, hey, it is a beautiful thing.” deets here

You can check out Sensis website here

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