Boo: Teen gets suspended from school for wearing a dress…

It all started innocently enough: 15-year-old Sam Saurs was tired of hearing his mother complain about how her high heels were killing her feet. The two made a bet that he couldn’t last a day in high heels.

Saurs not only donned the heels, but also a dress and make-up — and then he headed off to class at John Sedgwick Junior High in Port Orchard. That’s where the trouble started.

During homeroom, Saurs was called in to dean John Richerson’s office. Richerson told him that he was distracting students and that he should go home for the day. Sours response? He told the dean he thought he was being sexist. Richerson then suspended Sours from school for the rest of the year.

Unable to attend the 9th-grade dance and the school’s annual trip to Wild Waves, Saurs is still disappointed in the school’s reaction. deets here

Sounds like the Dean may have been a little jealous that he could not slip into his own Bob Mackie… But seriously, banning him from the school dance because he wore a dress? Dude you need your head examined.

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