Update: Anti-Gay Ted Nugent Is The BIGGEST Douchebag Of The Day!

In an op ed piece for the Washington Times, washed up gay hating bigot musician, Ted Nugent, wrote about the “travesty” of Kobe Bryant being fined $100 grand for calling a referee an anti-gay slur. It is one of the most bigoted, ignorant pieces i have read. I can not believe the Washington Times would publish this. Lets break it down a bit, shall we, because i am ready to fire:

To be exact, Mr. Bryant committed this egregious verbal foul because he used a word demeaning to homosexuals, the most protected class of people in America.

Gay rights groups applaud the decision of the NBA, which must make all the homosexual basketball fans feel peachy and special. Who knows, maybe the NBA will use Mr. Bryant’s $100,000 to buy courtside seats for gay basketball fans. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Show some gay pride, NBA.
Most protected class? If that were true, brainiac, we would have equal rights across this country…If given the $100,000, unlike trash like you, we the GAYS would donate to, i don’t know,Anti-bullying campaigns, AIDS research, and a plethora of many causes to further the education of people about the dangers of discrimination and bigotry that you are so deeply suffering from.

The principle is what matters. Those of us addicted to common sense and logic think that fining Mr. Bryant $100,000 for calling a referee a name is much more ugly, vile and demeaning than anything Mr. Bryant uttered or could possibly have uttered. The politically correct brain-dead can’t seem to remember the ending for “Sticks and Stones.”

Think of it: $100,000 for calling someone a name. A simple apology from Mr. Bryant to the referee obviously wasn’t good enough for the NBA.

No it was not good enough for two reasons, number 1 being the amount of kids that are being bullied and committing suicide because of these anti-gay slurs is an epidemic in this country and world. That’s where your “Sticks and Stones” mentality has gotten us. But i guess throwing kids to their deaths is OK with you as long as your rights are not infringed upon to spew your hate speech without consequences. Bryant is a role model for many young people of all different walks of life and yes, that includes gay kids he should no better as should anyone in that position.

 Secondly if that was the N-word used by a non black person, this would have been the biggest upset in this country since Imus coined “nappy headed ho’s”. So yes, he deserved to fined. But let me ask you this, i wonder how upset you would be if it was in fact the reverse, and a white player got fined? I am quite sure you would not even think of opening your mouth…

I doubt Mr. Bryant would have been fined 10 cents had he referred to the referee as a useless Christ on a crucifix soaking in a vat of urine. I cant even touch this one, it is so beyond stupid.

If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity.

First of all it would be Lady Gaga and the song would be “Born This Way” Do you know it?. Cuz it’s on iTunes if not.  Secondly we would prefer rainbow color basketballs hence the term BALLS. Oh and another thing, times have changed a bit and us gays always know for reinventing our selves like our goddess Madonna, we don’t prance anymore, nor skip, nor twirl, nor shake with a limp wrist, or even lisp,(well except for me) the gay’s have evolved, but sadly you clearly have not. With the great strides we have made, more people are being empowered and coming out and i mean by the purse loads. Its not that easy anymore to pick out the gay person. We now own masculinity and soon we will have world domination. :) Although you probably wouldn’t know that, livin’ out there on that farm and all, polishing your bayonet. 

Homosexuals are a protected class in America. If you think what happened to Mr. Bryant was a travesty, just wait until you see what homosexuals in the military do when they claim they have been mistreated because of their sexual orientation.
I always love when one comments on the military when one has never served in, actually let me refer to this little nugget:
 In 2006, an interviewer from the British newspaper The Independent questioned Nugent about a 1977 interview in High Times magazine in which Nugent allegedly detailed elaborate steps taken to avoid the Vietnam draft.[50] In the interview Nugent explains that, contrary to the story in High Times, he was awarded a 1Y (student) deferment because he was enrolled as a student at Oakland Community CollegeGotta love Wikipedia. Don’t ya agree?

Don’t you DARE comment on gay soldiers who have died and fought for this country and YOUR freedoms. For someone who claims they are such a “Patriot” you should be ashamed of your low rent self.

Nugent is a shining example of the ignorance, bigotry and discrimination that rots in the souls of people like him. Where does the fear come from Teddy? Are we harboring some undelt with feelings?? Hmmmmm.

Bottom line, take your Michigan Militia esq ignorant ass back to the farm, barricade yourself in with your NRA stash and hunker down, because the world has and is changing. All though NOT a protected class, we gays are marching our army like never before and winning battles everyday and we won’t quit until everyone is TRULY free….

ps. Go here to read what a true skank Ted Nugent is…Its very gross…

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