Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sports anchor fired for backing anti-gay tweets....

We need more of this happening in the United States, then we would see bigger changes in the sports world.

Rogers Sportsnet broadcaster Damian Goddard, decided to take to his twitter and support the anti-gay, homophobic tweets by sports manager,Todd Reynolds.

It began, when New York Ranger Sean Avery made a video in support of gay marriage.

Then Burlington-based hockey agent Todd Reynolds, let his thumbs do the walking and tweeted that Avery’s position was “very sad” and “wrong.”

And I guess Goddard, I had to chime in his support for his bro:

“I completely and whole-heartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE (sic) meaning of marriage,” he Tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Minutes later, he wrote: “Reynolds … Peter Vidmar … coming under the attack of the so-called liberal left.”

I hope it was worth it, because now bitch is out of a job. He can blame it on the liberal left or whom ever he wants to, but the bottom line, don't eff with the gays!


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