Olympic Bigot Resigns After Over Prop 8 Support….

Peter Vidmar has resigned as Chief Of Mission for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, a week after he took the job. The position of Vidmar came under major heat, when info about him supporting Cali’s Prop 8 and marching in anti-gay marches came to light. The anti-gay douche also donated $2,000 to the Prop 8 hate campaign. Vidmar suffers from a dreadful disease called being a Mor-on Mormon. With all the gays that participate in the Olympics, how did the committee really think they could hire such a bigot?

Vidmar has been quoted saying: “it’s good for our society to have a traditional definition of marriage.’

Well dumb, dumb, it clearly is not good for your career…

Here is his statement after he resigned (at least that is the story they are giving)
“I have dedicated my life to the Olympic movement and the ideals of excellence, friendship and respect. I wish that my personal religious beliefs would not have become a distraction from the amazing things that are happening in the Olympic movement in the United States. I simply cannot have my presence become a detriment to the U.S. Olympic family. I hope that by stepping aside, the athletes and their stories will rightly take center stage.”

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