Globe: Liz Taylor’s Parents Were Bisexuals…

Does the Globe stop at anything? Lols. The globe is claiming that Elizabeth Taylor’s parents were bisexuals. Maybe that is why Liz loved the gays so much…. Talk about need page filler. Gotta love the tabloids…And here i am posting it! :)
via boyculture

“Elizabeth’s mother Sara Sothern was a bob-cropped actress, fresh from a lesbian affair with silent movie siren Alla Nazimova when she met her future husband, art dealer Francis Taylor. Handsome Francis, then 28, was a debonair party animal and promiscuous homosexual…Soon after they wed, they began sharing Sara’s former lover, 38-year-old millionaire Victor Cazalet, a member of Britain’s Parliament and a notorious society gigolo who bedded women and men.”

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