Douchebag Of The Day: CJ Leslie Spews Homophobic Remarks….

I just love twitter and social media in general because you really get to see who the stupid, ignorant people are are. Just like this dumbass, NC State basketball star CJ Leslie, who took to his twitter to and spewed his homophobic last night. Leslie does not want a gay in the locker room with him. First off what makes him think that he is or has anything that a gay guy wants to look at? He is riding awfully high on the hog (pun intended) to think of himself so arrogantly. But most important, Leslie sounds like a white supremest left over from the pre-civil rights era, how would he like it if a player of another race did not want black people in the locker room?

I do know what Leslie’s IQ is but it does not sound like he is focusing on his education…

via Pamshouseblend

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