Verizon Wireless Guy: Can you Hear me Now, I’m Gay…

Now that Paul Marcarelli, the infamous “Can you hear me now?” Verizon Wireless guy is out of contract, he’s saying a whole lot more…in fact he’s coming out!

Although rumors and rumblings have been going around the internet since he started the job in 2002 that he was gay, nothing was ever said….in fact because of his contract he couldn’t say much of anything.

Verizon kept a short leash on Marcarelli wanting to protect their brand and their spokesperson and since all he ever said was “Can you hear me now?” that’s all they ever wanted him to say – EVER.

Now all the “dirt” as it is is coming out, not only is Marcarelli gay but he’s also promoting a movie that he wrote called The Green that centers on a gay couple. It stars Jason Harner and Cheyenne Jackson as a gay couple involved in a scandal in a small town and how the town turns against them. deets here

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