Thursday, April 28, 2011

Real World's Dustin Zito Comes Clean About Gay Porn Past...

The Real World's 24-year-old Dustin Zito, who made headlines for his gay-for-pay porn past (and the subsequent attempts toeradicate said past from the internet), came clean to his TV girlfriend on last night's episode.

At first the former model — who has demonstrated blatant homophobia on previousReal World episodes — denied having sex on camera, but quickly caved.

"Wait...what? I didn't get taped having sex. Yeah, OK, I got naked and stuff. There wasn't no touching involved."

“So, you never did anything where you touched anyone else?” asks the girlfriend.

“On a video, yes, I did.” deets here

Ok, nobody has sex with the same gender unless there is some form of attraction there. Money is a good motivator, however i know plenty of people who would not do it no matter what you paid them. Also, we are not talking about one video here, he has done a few. Anyway we know the "Real World" is about as real as the Hills, so with that in mind, i am not even going to entertain this anymore further. :)
Clip below:


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