Gym Encrouges Members To Work Out Naked…

Easy Gym in Arrigorriaga is the first of its kind in Spain, encouraging their members to workout naked on the weekends to stay fit.In Europe it’s common to have nudist swimming pools and beaches, so why not a place to work out naked?

May seem like an odd idea, but there are several people that are willing to do it.

It could work as a new refreshing way to get motivated to be fit.

A detailed research study showed that 90% of the group’s members approved of the idea.

There is even a teacher that will offer a naked yoga classes. Interesting?

FYI: Easy Gym stresses it does provide towels for comfort and “to prevent slippage” on the equipment.

Nudists are welcome to work out every Saturday afternoon, and Sundays. deets here

We already have these in America, they are called bath houses….

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