Glenn Beck: glee Is a "Nightmare" has "No Values"…

Glenn Beck has called Glee a “horror show”.

On a recent episode of his Fox news show, the TV host said that the series “stands out and stands against almost every value that I have”.

“I’ve watched it in stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe,” Beck said about the musical comedy.

He added: “It is a brilliant, brilliant show. Very well done. But it is a horror show.”

Beck also referred to Glee as “a nightmare” and said that all of the characters on the show are “sleeping with everybody else” and that the show has no values and promotes “self-gratification”.

Um, “self gratification” that is all Beck is about. He promotes his own self gratification everyday. But thank god not for much longer. He also tries with all his drama to make a point about one of his staffers mother’s throwing out the TV when she found her kids watching it instead of doing homework. Beck believes this is the way to go. Interesting coming from a person whose career was made by whoring himself through the medium he believes should be “thrown” out. And as far as the values part goes, if furthering hate, bigotry and trying to promote a living style from 50 years ago when we did not have the freedoms we have today, I will keep his version of “no values” and “self-gratification” any day….

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