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Congratulations to
I have been following this blog for a while and had it all lined up already to name it BLOG OF EXCELLENCE AWARD. There are many fine blogs out there and then there are a number of meaningless, prurient and banal blogs that do not deserve even an occasional visit.
What makes IZZOIZ unique and deserving is that they champion gay rights and actively promote information and news that are of concern to the LGBT community.
Of course, they have the obligatory beef cake, semi-nude beauties but that is the icing on the cake. What mattered to me most was the substance and the depth of the blogger’s endeavor. I went back further and deeper into past posts and found a uniformity and in keeping with the overall purpose and theme…that our lives are important and our rights undeniable.
So, for these and many other reasons we at From Top to Bottom award IZZOIZ the BLOG OF EXCELLENCE AWARD for the month of May.

I love it!!! OMG!!! R, thank you SO MUCH!!!! That is so kind and awesome. I started the blog because i was sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing these anti-gay this and that republicans/conservatives spewing their hate. But it all came to a head during Prop 8 for me. I had reached a point beyond disgust. I have no tolerance for others INntolerance.

I also like to bring some fun to the site also. I have deep gratitude to you for your support and every so poignant and funny comments. thank you again, i cant tell you how much i truly appreciate it!

all my love


You can visit Toptobottom here. But make sure your peepers are over 18 because there is some hot menz fun going on!

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