Courteney Cox Thougtht David Arquette Joined Grindr….

HOLLYWOOD — Courteney Cox, who separated from David Arquette last summer, was downloading songs when she decided to check back over the couple’s purchasing history – to see what tunes her hip husband was picking.

And she came across a subscription to a gay website called Grinder.

Appearing on Monday’s (April 18) Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, she said, “There were a lot of books… and there were some songs, and then it said, ‘Grinder – to find your same sex in your neighborhood.’ I was like, ‘Wow, what if you actually don’t know the person you’ve been with for that long? I wonder if David’s buying Grinder.’

“It’s a gay website that you get to punch something in and see where another guy in your neighborhood is.

“So I called up my assistant, who happens to be gay…, and I said, ‘Did you happen to buy anything on our iTunes thing.’ He said, ‘No,’ and now I’m kinda shaking. I’m like, ‘This is gonna be a weird call to David.’

“I said, ‘Come on buddy, it’s alright. I wouldn’t get mad. Tell me about one thing – you bought Grinder.’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, that was a free app…’” ( deets here

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