Carey Grant’s Daughter Denise That He Was Gay…

Do “straight” men take pics like this?
Carey Grant’s daughter Jennifer Grant, has a biography she has written about her father coming out. In the bio she shoots down rumors that he was gay.

As for Cary Grant’s sexuality, “Can’t blame men for wanting him, and wouldn’t be surprised if Dad even mildly flirted back,” his daughter writes. “When the question arises, it generally speaks more about the person asking.”

Then again, she says, “Dad somewhat enjoyed being called gay. He said it made women want to prove the assertion wrong.” deets here

I gotta tell you that, i am not buying this. Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were a well know couple in Hollywood back during the golden age. They lived together for 12 years on and off. I am not saying that Grant was gay, but bisexual would be more like it. Grant and Scott stopped living together years before Grant’s daughter was born, so she may have never known about it and really, how well do we know people. I could not tell you the things my father has done before i was born.

 But let me finish with this, a few years ago, i had come to know someone very big in the celebrity world and they were very good friends with Carey. They confirmed the rumors to me and told me a bunch of stories that we have not heard. Now, in the end, i was not there to corroborate this info but i will say that this person is one of the most honest, truthful people i have met…

Here is a bit on Grant’s and Scott’s relationship:

Grant lived with Randolph Scott off and on for twelve years. Richard Blackwell wrote that Grant and Scott were “deeply, madly in love”, and alleged eyewitness accounts of their physical affection have been published Hedda Hopper and screenwriter Arthur Laurents also have alleged that Grant was bisexual, the latter writing that Grant “told me he threw pebbles at my window one night but was luckless”. Alexander D’Arcy, who appeared with Grant in The Awful Truth, said he knew that he and Scott “lived together as a gay couple”, adding: “I think Cary knew that people were saying things about him. I don’t think he tried to hide it.” The two men frequently accompanied each other to parties and premieres and were unconcerned when photographs of them cozily preparing dinner together at home were published in fan magazines. deets here

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