Braves coach McDowell apologizes after threat, gay slur accusation…

I must say, this re-enactment of the sex act with the bat is over the top! Lols
Gloria Allred gave a press conference yesterday demanding that Braves pitching Coach and apparent homophobe, Roger McDowell make an appology and suffer some other consequences for his out of control behaviour on the field the other day. Shortly after Gloria’s press conference which you can see here at TMZ. McDowell issued the following- lack there of- apology:

‘I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions.’ Wow, That is about as good as Kobe’s (crocodile tears) act of contrition….

Here is what went down:

Justin Quinn, the father alleges his family witnessed McDowell asked a male group of fans, ‘Are you a homo couple or a threesome?’ and ‘Are you three giving it to each other in the [redacted].’

It’s also alleged that McDowell used the bat he was carrying to simulate (presumably) gay sex. When the father confronted McDowell from the stands about his behavior, the coach responded:

‘Kids don’t [blanking] belong at the baseball park’ … and then approached him with a baseball bat, saying, ‘How much are your teeth worth?’”

“Even though I am not gay, and these statements were not directed at me, I heard them, and so did my nine-year-old daughters. … Children should not be told that they do not belong at the ballpark.”Quinn immediately complained to staff at AT&T, whom he said were “very attentive, and took it seriously.” He also filed a police report. Quinn said that he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary that occurred in the bleachers that would make McDowell explode.

Quinn: “He turned around and proceeded to go through the events described. Fans were saying throw us the ball, and apparently Mr. McDowell thought he heard something that warranted him doing something as a coach. … I had proceeded to yell out that there are kids here, and he proceeded to say ‘Kids don’t belong at the f-ing ballpark.’ At that point he turned toward me, grabbed a bat and asked how much my teeth are worth to me?” deets here

What a filthy pig. To speak like that in front of two little girls. Disgusting, he should be fired for that. Yes fired. I am so tired of people doing bad things and thinking an apology is they need to excuse their behavior. Apologies have become old and not authentic anymore, because so many people think that a heartless “i’m sorry” is all they need to give, in order to save face. There is no excuse for bad behavior. McDowell knew and knows better….In the words of Franklin F. Hart (9to5) ” Fire the bitch”

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