2 Girls Arrested For Having Sex In Campus Study Room…

Two Columbus State Universitystudents are facing public indecency charges after they were reportedly caught having sex in the study room on campus.

The Muscogee County Jail confirms that 21-year-oldNakita Holt and 18-year-old Jessica Bass have both made bond.

CSU Police Chief Rus Drew says an officer on patrol discovered the two women in a study carroll at the library.

Bass is also charged with bribery after campus police say Bass offered the officer $100 if he wouldn’t say anything. deets here

Girlz a piece of advice. Next time take it to your room or at least the bathroom like normal gay men! I get the erotic idea of doing it in a public place, but clearly you chose the wrong one…I hope you get off with a slap and a tickle…

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