School Boots "Gay Turned Straight" Group…

A SCHEDULED Christian group meeting at a local school has been cancelled after administrators became aware of the nature of the event.

The Miracle Christian Center was behind the presentation by American Adam Hood, who claims to have been “set free from homosexuality and now leads a strong Christian life’‘.
Mr Hood claims to be a “straight man who used to be homosexual’‘. Speaking about his life in a video on YouTube, Mr Hood says God can set homosexuals “straight’‘.
Mr Hood was due to appear at St Columban’s College Caboolture next Tuesday. 
In a statement posted on the college website today, school principal Ann Rebgetz said the school had withdrawn permission for the Miracle Christian Center to use the school’s hall for the scheduled presentation next week.
She said the school had been approached by the group to hold a “meeting’‘, and permission was given on the basis that the nature of the meeting was in line with the College’s Catholic Christian values.
“Without seeking further approval from the college, the Miracle Christian Center then placed an advertisement in local newspapers….seeing the advertisement in the newspaper was the first time the college became aware of the true nature of the event,’’ Ms Rebgetz said.

`I am certainly outraged and disappointed that an event of this nature might create the wrong impression of the tolerance and generosity of spirit that characterises this community,’’ she said. deets here

I have seen Adam Hoods videos before and have seen him on a show. And in my humble opinion, he is truly kidding himself thinking that he is straight. I mean come on sister, I hope you have a matching bag for that scarf…I’ll see you at boy bar!

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