Sarah Palin Calls Kathy Griffin A Has-Been….

Really? A has been? Oh Sarah…Don’t you just love how when Palin is sending a jab at someone she slyly slips it in there with a smile like she is giving you her Grandmothers recipe….I am not big on the kids of politicians being attacked but Bristol has put herself in the lime light. In the clip below Palin was being interviewed on Fox News (where else) when she was asked about Kathy Griffin making fun of her. One thing i need to correct Palin on is this fact. She throws out an invitation to Kathy to come up to Alaska and take her on. Um in the last season of My Life On The D-List, Kathy did just that. She went to Alaska and went to Palins house and knocked on her door but no one answered so Kathy left her a note….

Team Kathy here!

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