Recent Poll: Same Sex Marriage Evenly Split…

According to a recent Pew Poll, 45% of Americans believe marriage equality should be legal. And only 46% of US citizens say same-sex marriage should not be legal. With a 3% margin of error in the poll, that places the results into a statistical tie! The latest findings underscore a clear trend of Americans evolving into a more receptive attitude toward the idea of marriage equality. In 2009, Pew found that 54% of Americans opposed gay marriage, while only 37% were in favor of allowing gays and lesbians to legally marry. The most recent Pew poll was conducted February 22 through March 1 among 1,504 adults nationwide. deets here

So now every time you hear Brian bottom Brown, Faggie Maggie Gallagher and Idiots like John Boehner Boner say that the majority of Americans believe that same sex marriage should not be legalized, they are full of bull shitz…..Suck it….

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