Gay Man On Trial For Stabbing 2, Claims It Was Homophobia…

A man accused of stabbing two people was being pushed and shoved before the incident, a court heard.

Maksim Luzin, 41, of Fen Road, Cambridge, is on trial accused of the attempted murder of Mindaugas Lucinskas and Stanislavas Kojis during a party last year. He denies the charges.

Thomas Brown, defending, told a jury at Cambridge Crown Court his client was a loner and had been the target of taunts because of his sexuality.

He said: “Mr Luzin was taking a lot of stick you understand, because he was a bit strange and a bit of a loner and a homosexual, particularly from Mr Kojis but also generally from people who were at the caravan site.”

But, giving evidence, Mr Lucinskas said he had no problem with Luzin’s sexuality, which he said was not known by others at the site in Fen Road.  more deets here

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