Gay Bashing Exposed; Victim Sets Up Facebook Page To Find His Attackers…

I love this page. A gay bashing victim has set up a Facebook page to track down his attackers. Here is a description snippet of the attack from his page:

On Saturday, October 16th, I was assaulted by three homophobic males at 2 for 1 pizza on central Albert street in Regina Saskatchewan.

When I entered the pizza place they called me a “F&*#ing Faggot” and told me that I didn’t belong there and had to leave. Although I’m not homosexual (perhaps a little bi-curious at times… who isn’t? lol), I was wearing nail polish which must have been what they were reacting to.

One of the girls stood up for me verbally and they proceeded to physically assault her (kicking her in the head, throwing a pizza in her face, pushing her, punching her etc). The girl defended herself by scratching the face of one of her attackers (he should still have marks from this).

After instructing the 2 for 1 pizza staff to call the cops, I went outside to where the men were chasing the female victim. I yelled at them to calm down and asked them if they really wanted to beat up a woman. Once I got between them and the woman they began to attack me.  view page here

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