Must Watch: Teenager Makes Video Of Her Bullying Experience….

I just watched this video and love it. Marina’s back story is below. Truly tragic how no teachers stepped in to protect her. I do not know what is going on with some of these teachers today. When i was in school bullying was not allowed to happen, you’re ass was kicked out and this was before the attention that bullying has gained today. WTF? Teachers who sit by the side line and do nothing are just as guilty as the bullies…
As a girl in middle school, Marina Belotserkovskaya says she lacked many of the girlish qualities shared by her female friends. At that age, she says she knew she was attracted more to girls than boys. But she was afraid to admit it.
“People called me ‘Marina the man’ and … it was pretty bad,” said Belotserkovskaya. “I don’t like to complain about it. I know a lot of other kids who committed suicide maybe had it worse than I did. But it was a lot of public humiliation.”
Marina says the abuse at her middle school persisted — despite the presence of teachers whom, she says, were unwilling to step in.
“One time there were probably like ten kids in the classroom yelling at me. Teacher didn’t really do anything, which is what shocks me,” said Belotserkovskaya.
“It was mostly the popular kids,” she said. “I just kind of sat there and took it.”
When she got to high school, Marina came out — with flourish. Sheposted a video on Youtube which tells her story as a teenage lesbian — and a bullying victim. The video shows here silently holding signs telling her story, over a bed of music.
“I consider myself to have gone through hell,” said Belotserkovskaya. “I want to show people that … as dark as things may seem everything will get better. Which, I really wanted to stress that. My story did have that happy ending.” Deets here

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