Man Claims Ex-Girlfriends Father Created Facebook Page Saying He Was Gay…

According to The Smoking Gun, a South Carolina man who recently broke up with his 17-year-old girlfriend contacted cops to file a complaint alleging that the girl’s father had created a phony Facebook page that described him as gay and included a profile photo of three shirtless men kissing

Lance Mobley, 21, walked into the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Saturday morning “in reference to false things being published about him on Facebook,” according to a January 29 sheriff’s report. Mobley, pictured at right, told TSG that he was informed Saturday that he would have to return to the sheriff’s office today to meet with an investigator.

Mobley charged that Ricky Culbreth, his ex-girlfriend’s father, had created the fictitious Facebook account after he “became mad at him because he broke up with his daughter.” Police noted that the phony Facebook page “states that Mr. Mobley is interested in having sex with men as well as children and that he is a homosexual,” and that the page includes Mobley’s phone number.

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