Indiana U Lets Gay Hating Chick-Fil-A Back On Campus….

Indiana University South Bend has decided to reinstate Chick-fil-A on campus days after the school suspended the fast food chain over complaints about its support for antigay groups.
The Huffington Post cites a report in TheWashington Times on Tuesday:

“‘Last week, Chancellor [Una Mae] Reck ordered a review of the suspension. The review was completed today, and based on a more complete understanding of the facts, Chancellor Reck ordered the end of the suspension. At this time, Chick-fil-A is a full-service food provider for IU South Bend with no restrictions,’ said Ken Baierl, IUSB’s director of communications and marketing in a written statement.”
Mmmm, i am not sure about this move. I would like to know what information she used to reverse this decision? Even though Chick supposedly reversed their position on supporting anti-gay events, I am still not convinced of this…

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