"I’m Not A Gay Director" Says Young Director…

Here is what 22 yr old cutie, French-Canadian Xavier Dolan, director/writer/producer/actor had to say when he sat down with Michael Musto to chat about his latest film. I love Musto’s response at the end.

Musto: That’s pretty long by American standards. Some parents are even less gay-friendly. By the way, you once said you don’t want to be labeled a “gay director” because being gay is only one part of you, like hair color. But you can change your hair color, no?
Dolan: Is this your way of asking if I’m going to turn straight?
Musto: No. But are you?
Dolan: I’m gay. I’ve always been. But it doesn’t define my craft or style. I don’t have any craft or style! What defines my films is the story. I want to be a great storyteller. Not a gay director. Not a director. I’m a storyteller! A Serious Man is not a Jewish film, and Romeo and Juliet is not a straight film. Heartbeatsis a love story, and one of the characters is gay. It’s not a gay film and I’m not a gay filmmaker. Is everything you write gay?
Musto: Yeah, pretty much.   deets here

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