Woman Shoots Husband’s Penis…

A Kansas City woman was arrested Monday night, accused of shooting her husband in the genitals with his handgun.

When police officers arrived at 1130 E. 76th Terrace, a witness told police she heard the couple arguing in the kitchen, with the wife telling her husband, “If you don’t give me my card, I will shoot you.” A short time later, the witness said she heard a gunshot and called the police.

When officers arrived, the victim, 50, told them he had been shot in his penis. The man said he was showing his gun off to his wife, 42, in their bedroom and showing her how to use the safety. In practicing with the gun, the man said his wife accidentally shot the gun and shot him in his genitals. The victim said he was preparing to drive himself to the hospital when police arrived.

Police said they found a small amount of blood on the floor and found the handgun used in the shooting along with a shell casing. Police also found a shotgun in the closet of the bedroom.

Police said they had observed the man’s injuries and arrested his wife on suspicion of aggravated assault. The man’s condition has not been released.

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