University of Staffordshire lecturer tells that gay footballers are being warned not to come out of the closet

FOOTBALL agents and clubs are warning gay players not to come out of the closet for fear it could ruin their careers, an academic claimed last night.

Ellis Cashmore, a sports lecturer from the University of Staffordshire, helped conduct a study into homophobia within soccer by interviewing those in the game.

And he claims findings indicate some agents and even clubs may be urging players to keep their homosexuality secret – for fear it could destroy their money-making ability on and off the pitch.

He said: “I personally don’t think it would harm their career, if anything it may enhance it. These days there are lots of opportunities because of the pink economy.

“But I agree with the fans that took part in this study… agents and clubs encourage footballers to stay in the closet because they don’t know what would happen to their lucrative contracts off the field.’’

Wrong, wrong, wrong…You cant change homophobia by staying in the closet…

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