Teen Told By Police To Remove Penis Snow Sculpture…

Lols..Only teenagers!

A 16-year-old Ohio boy has been forced to remove a 7-foot tall snow sculpture from the front yard of his parents home.

Roman King created the sculpture of a giant 7-foot tall penis in about 20 minutes, reports the Chronicle-Telegram. The teen also told them he created it “just to see what people would think.”

The Elyria Police Chief, Duane Whitely, explained that the sculture would be considered disorderly conduct, because “public indecency has to do a lot with the human body,” He tells the local newspaper.

The boy was asked to remove the offensive sculpture because someone “had complained”.

Obliging the police demands, Roman proceeded to crush the phallic snow art with a shovel, destroying the artwork that inspired car horns and thumbs-up from drivers passing by.

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