Homophobia Going On At Facebook??

Recently, Facebook has set a rather scary precedent in the practise of removing photos that are deemed offensive in some fashion. Often we’re not told precisely what the offense is, but a very good friend of mine was frozen on the site and warned to remove his profile picture and all photos of him and his partner together – why? Because he’s gay. There was nothing overtly sexual in the photos, just two men together, their affection evident, but not sexual. A loving, sweet image of people who love each other. He was to remove all these image before his account would be released back to him. Shortly after this happened, I heard from an author who was told to remove her images of M/M romance.

A few nights later, a threat was made – very publicly – on the wall of someone who didn’t like my friend – she stated bluntly that homosexuals should be shot. Was she deactivated? No. She received a “warning” for this hate-filled statement, which is in direct violation of Facebook’s stated policies. So, apparently, our social network has a double-standard, or it’s simply homophobic. Looks like the latter. As you can well imagine, MANY people find this disturbing and infuriating, and intolerable. So, some are speaking out.

Your Facebook page is yours. If you want to put photos on it than you should be able to, it is none of anyones business what photos you post. Given the fact that you can lock your profile so only your friends see it makes it a bit difficult to understand why Facebook would put that policy in place. Why Non sexually explicit photos of a male couple would be deemed as inappropriate makes me wonder if there was something else going on here. It sounds more like a person working at Facebook that views the profiles and is homophobic, sent that message to the user as apposed to Facebook on a whole banning the photos….

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