Chick-Fil-A CEO Tries To Save Face…

Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy says its company’s donation to an anti-gay marriage group is not an endorsement of its values. Really? Then why was there no mention of support for gay marriage also in his statement, which you can watch below. Cathy makes a point to mention his parents 60 plus year marriage and that Chick has been a long supporter of marriage. Bu what i noticed most about his statement, is that he called the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which is a notorious anti-gay/marriage group’s event as an “event” to strengthen marriages. Hmmm, does that include gay marriages? Are gay couples welcome? The answer is NO.  

Dan Cathy is a very religious southern Baptist and the company is deep into “Christian” values, need i say more. Chick has supported anti-gay groups before, you can find it all over the internet. 

Cathy says that Chick serves all people and values all people. Yes they serve all people for their money and value all people but not those people’s VALUES…

Lastly, since Chick provides food to events, then  let’s take them to task. June is gay pride month, so i expect to see Chick-Fil-A’s all over the country supply food and having booth set up in all the gay prides across the country…And like i said before, if Pennsylvania Family Inst. was anti-black, you can bet your ass the company would not be supplying any food to them. Would they supply a KKK rally with their food??

After gay website blogged about the chicken restaurant’s sponsorship of a marriage seminar closely associated with the anti-gay marriage group Pennsylvania Family Institute, the group scrubbed Chick-Fil-A’s participation off the website promoting the one-day event.

“Heartfelt hospitality is at the core of Chick-Fil-A,” Cathy says in the two-minute-twenty-seven-second video message.

“Some recent events have called into question the principles of Chick-Fil-A and speak directly to the heart of our organization.”

“Last week, one of our local franchise Chick-Fil-A operators in Pennsylvania made the decision to provide food to two upcoming February events billed to strengthen marriages. Marriage has long been a focus of Chick-Fil-A, starting with my own mom and dad, who are celebrating their sixty-third year of marriage.”

“In this case, the operator simply agreed to provide sandwiches and brownies for the events, as many Chick-Fil-A franchisees have done over the years.

“Let me be clear, Chick-Fil-A serves all people and values all people.”

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