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Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 States File Brief In Support of Prop8....

WTF? 10 States? First off, it is none of your effin business. You have nothing to do with California. Mind your shit. Secondly, although I am not surprised by most of the named states, however,  Wyoming? All i have to say is MATHEW SHEPARD. Ignorant assholes....

A gay marriage opposition brief has been filed to a federal appeals court in California by 10 states, reports the Associated Press.

The 39-page amicus brief states that the Constitution does not require marriage to include same-sex couples and states, not federal courts, have final say in whether to allow same-sex marriages. The brief was sent to the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on Friday."

Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Let's Get Physical, Physical...

Judge Rules In Favor Of Gay Service Member...

Another blow to the DADT policy that slick Willy screwed us over with...But i must let the past go. Yeah right! :)

(Tacoma, Wash.) A federal judge ruled Friday that a decorated flight nurse discharged from the Air Force for being gay should be given her job back as soon as possible in the latest legal setback to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton came in a closely watched case as a tense debate has been playing out over the policy. Senate Republicans blocked an effort to lift the ban this week, but two federal judges have ruled against the policy in recent weeks.

Maj. Margaret Witt was discharged under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and sued to get her job back.

A judge in 2006 rejected Witt’s claims that the Air Force violated her rights when it fired her. An appeals court panel overruled him two years later, leaving it to Leighton to determine whether her firing met that standard.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Starting The Weekend Off Right...

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Oldie - Culture Club War Song...

Jasun over at GayDailyHot (nsfw) posted this video from the 80's. I have always love this song myself and Boy George's voice. His whole persona captivated me as a here is the video. An oldie but goodie...

Is Your Child Going To Be Gay?

If you are a parent and you want to know if your child is most likely going to be gay, there are some old age signs that might help you out. Gawker posted this great list. 

According to this rundown by (gay) psychologist Jesse Bering, recent studies indicate that "gender-variant behavior" (i.e. girls who play with trucks and boys who play with dolls) is a good predictor of whether or not a child will turn out to be a practicing homosexual. Bering, who works at Queen's University (seriously) in Belfast, says that not all children who take up the stereotypical behavior of members of the opposite sex will end up wanting to go to bed with members of the same sex, but it is a good indicator.
All this talk of "pre-homosexuals" and "sexed-type behavior" is way too scientific and complicated, so we're going to break it down for you. If your young one exhibits any of the following behaviors, he or she is going to grow up to wave the rainbow flag. But don't worry! You can look forward to having someone to go shopping with you, or help you fix your leaky roof.
  • When your son is done taking a bath, he drapes a yellow towel over his head, runs his hands through his beautiful blond hair, and informs you he'll only answer to the name "Charisse."
  • Your daughter spends more time in ballet class trying to make sure the bar is properly affixed to the wall than learning first position.
  • At your son's first tee ball practice, he asked all his teammates if they are pitchers or catchers.
  • The first thing on your daughter's Christmas list is flannel shirts. The second is a bond for college tuition. (Smith is expensive!)
  • No matter what your gay party planner friends tell you, a boy asking for Broadway legend Betty Buckley to perform at his ninth birthday party is not common at all.
  • Your daughter insists on sleeping on top of her Dora the Explorer bed spread, not under it.
  • When your daughter plays "House," she pretends to be an annoying doctor with a pill-addiction and a limp.
  • Even though it's football, if your son has an obsession with either Tom Brady or Mark Sanchez, then he's totally a 'mo. Same goes for your daughter.
  • Your son tells you he wants to dress up for Halloween like his idol,Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart.
  • If you buy your daughter the overalls she's been asking for, you might as well just buy her the Meshell Ndegeocello CD to match.
  • Finding your son wearing his mother's high heels doesn't mean he's gay. Finding your son wearing his mother's "fiercest" high heels does.
  • Months ago, your daughter caught 5 minutes of Mad Men while you were watching it and she still asks about her "friend" Sally Draper.
  • Your kid requests a Justin Bieber haircut. This is true for children of both sexes.
  • Lacrosse is totally gay. Just sayin'.
  • If you ever voted for a homophobic Republican political candidate, your child is gay. Karma is a bitch like that.

#4!!! Another Man Files Suit Against Pastor Long...

Here we go again. Love it! A fourth man has filed suit against Eddie Long. The thing i find telling is that none of them want to keep their names confidential. I think that says something for the men in this case. To me it ads a further truth to their allegation.. Although the phone pics Long Dong took of himself are more of a clincher for me than anything...Weeee

A fourth young male member of Bishop Eddie Long’s megachurch is suing the prominent pastor, claiming Long coerced him into a sexual relationship.

The lawsuit was filed by Spencer LeGrande, a member of New Birth Charlotte. New Birth Charlotte is a satellite church run by Long in Charlotte, N.C. The lawsuit said Long told LeGrande “I will be your dad” and invited the 17-year-old to journey to Kenya with him in July 2005. LeGrande said that Long gave him a sleeping pill on that trip and that the two engaged in sexual acts.

No Gay Cupcakes...

God, people are freaks! A bakery in Indiana refused to fill an order for rainbow colored cupcakes for National Coming Out Day because of the message it would send to their daughters. WTF?  The bakery is a family owned business and the wife tried to play dumb but the husband squealed like a piggy. Then he had the ignorance to say that they don't fill orders that request obscenities either...Nice comparison idiot.  Click the link there is a video, for some reason i can not post it...

According to Fox 59, the Just Cookies bakery at the City Market refused the order from the student group at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Bakery owners David and Lilly Stockton gave conflicting reasons for the denial, but Mr. Stockton eventually admitted concern about what message the rainbow confections would send to their two “young, impressionable daughters.” He compared the idea to a cupcake with an obscenity.

Happy Friday!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama, What Are You Doing??

I have been patient with Obama since he has taken office and he has done more for our community than any other president, that is for sure. Given the fact that he has only been in office a short time and the mess that he came into thanks to the village idiot, you have to cut him some slack. But even I'm starting to question his actions or lack there of (i.e. Halting gay service members discharges until DADT is repealed)

The Department of Justice asked a federal judge Thursday to continue enforcing the military's ban on gay and lesbian service members, despite a ruling earlier this month that struck down "don't ask, don't tell" as unconstitutional.

In a 14-page filing, Justice Department attorneys argued that an immediate, permanent injunction against enforcing the law —one supported by Log Cabin Republicans, which successfully challenged DADT in court and has argued for a halt to all discharges of gay service members — would be "untenable." (A PDF of the government’s brief is here.)

"Because any injunction in this case must be limited to [Log Cabin Republicans] and the claims it asserts on behalf of its members – and cannot extend to non-parties – plaintiff’s requested world-wide injunction of [DADT] fails as a threshold matter," assistant U.S. attorney Paul Freeborne wrote.

"It’s our view that the objections fail to recognize the implications of the government's defeat at this trial," Woods told The Advocate. "This case was never limited to only Log Cabin members. And the request for a stay ignores the harm that would be suffered by current and potential service members during a period of the stay."

In a late Thursday statement, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the filing "in no way diminishes the President’s firm commitment to achieve a legislative repeal of DADT – indeed, it clearly shows why Congress must act to end this misguided policy."

Beach Anyone?

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Don't Make Fun Of Glambert or Your Show Will Get Axed...

E! has canceled The Daily 10 less than a week after a guest host made on-air jokes about Adam Lambert's physical altercation with a photographer and how he might enjoy some time behind bars. 

Filling in for Sal Masekela, co-anchor Michael Catherwood made the joke about Lambert, shocking host Catt Sadler. He later apologized, but complaints from viewers came to the network at a rapid-fire pace.

Was this a little extreme? I have a sick sense of humor and im gay in cased ya did not know :) but i laughed at the comment when i heard it. It was tongue and cheek. I can understand some people being offended by it but where has our sense of humor gone? If you could only hear the things my friends say about me!

Anyway here is the exchange, you decide.

“From what I know about jail, Mr. Lambert probably wouldn’t have too bad a time.”

"It’s funny how some folks in the entertainment world echo the fearful ignorance of high school bullies," he wrote. "I suppose jealousy and poor tact are timeless."

"I’ve always been a vocal supporter of the Gay community," Catherwood wrote on Saturday. "If offense was taken I’m sincerely sorry. Merely an attempt at comedy. My genuine apology to all in the GLBT community as well. Identifying me as homophobic is wrong though. Tasteless yes, but not hateful. I’ve identified that I misspoke and I sincerely apologize. All I can do is ask for forgiveness. Mike"

I like Lambert, i think he's a great talent. If he was offended by the comment that is between him and Catherwood.  I do not know Catherwood as well but I think the overreaction to his JOKE by the community is a little much. If a gay comedian said that, no one would bark.

Ted Haggard On Eddie Long....

Ted Haggard speaks during HBO's 2009 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour.

Well I must say, if anyone could give advice to Long it certainly is this tool, former "i buy crystal from a male escort who I "didn't" have sex with. Pu-leaze... Enough of this sleeze....

"Nobody's guilty until the court says he's guilty," Haggard, the former head of a 14,000-member congregation in Colorado, told AOL News in a phone interview Wednesday.

"The bishop is surrounded by people that will counsel him well," he said.Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic
Ted Haggard, shown in January 2009, was a major figure in the Christian right until a gay sex scandal torpedoed his career. He says the leader of an Atlanta megachurch deserves a fair hearing on accusations he coerced three young men into sex.

Haggard said that all too often unsavory allegations can tarnish a person's reputation, even if they are unproved. "Public perception becomes more important than the facts," he said.

Ok Howdy Doody, thanks for your input. As if America believes you have cured your ball licking tendencies...Kissez

Ahmadinejad Is A Despicable Pig...

I can't stand this son of a bitch. 

The U.S. delegation walked out of the U.N. speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday after he said some in the world have speculated that Americans were actually behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, staged in an attempt to assure Israel's survival.

He did not explain the logic of that statement that was made as he attacked the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ahmadinejad said there were three theories about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks:

• That "powerful and complex terrorist group" penetrated U.S. intelligence and defenses.

_"That some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order also to save the Zionist regime. The majority of the American people as well as other nations and politicians agree with this view."

The Americans stood and walked out without listening to the third theory that the attack was the work of "a terrorist group but the American government supported and took advantage of the situation."

Mark Kornblau, spokesman of the U.S. Mission to the world body, issued a statement within moments of Ahmadinejad's attack.

"Rather than representing the aspirations and goodwill of the Iranian people," he said, "Mr. Ahmadinejad has yet again chosen to spout vile conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic slurs that are as abhorrent and delusional as they are predictable.

And for some reason, he can't under stand why Muslims get a bad wrap. Now do all Muslims think like him,? No of course not. But do you see the US stoning woman to death for alleged adultery, putting teenage boys to death by hanging in the village square based on a "claim" of homosexuality, or putting people to death for using Gods name in vain. And let's not forget beating women in the streets or sentencing them to 99 lashes if their heads and faces are not covered. Oh yeah, and 3 American hikers. WTF?....Don't think i need to say more....

Questionable Photos Of Mega Church Pastor Eddie Long Surface...

What Baptist pastor would take photos like this of themselves? Do you know of any? Yes, only ones looking to hook up with other men, "" , "Grindr" anyone? Oh and that is quite the God preaching attire...

All i can say is  - Say no more. Case closed.

Teens Face Charges for Threatening Gay Man....

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WTAQ) - Two teens face disorderly conduct charges after they allegedly threatened a gay man on a Milwaukee County transit bus, and later showed up at his workplace.

The incident occurred September 13th. According to Wauwatosa Police, the 16 and 17-year-old boys threw candy at the man, who’s 20 – and they made comments about his being gay.

The man got the bus driver to remove the boys – but not before they reportedly saw his employer’s ID card, threatened to assault him at work, and later showed up at his job at the Mayfair Mall.

Police said the 17-year-old was also wanted on a warrant after running away from a group home. The older boy also faces additional charges of trespassing and obstructing an officer for not saying he was banned from the mall after an earlier crime."

WTF? OK, the harassing of the gay man on the bus is bad enough, then they show up to his work? People are effin crazy today...

Gay Marriage Allowed In 6 States, But First Cousin Marriage Allowed In 25...

Does anything get more ass backwards than this? Gay marriage is legal in 6 states but still not recognized federally. However in 25 states you can marry your first cousin. What? I know...

For these three people, that i can only assume are challenged, Maggie Gallagher, Brian  Brown and Tony Perkins, here is an example; You would be marrying your Mothers sisters kid. Your first cousin. Now Maggie, Brian, Tony and their band of cool aide drinkers over at National Organization for Marriage and Focus On The Family, oh and lets not for get those nasty Mormons, have waged war in this country to stop gay marriage. This past summer NOM was embarrassing themselves with their "Summer For Marriage Discrimination" Tour (which was a total dud ) and  yesterday they released their assault video on Minnesota, supporting an anti-gay marriage candidate for Governor. However, nowhere have we heard or seen rallies, ads, commercials or "tours" fighting to stop marriage between family members. Because the truth is, as we have known all along, this fight was never about gay marriage, it was simply about pure hate and  discrimination toward gays...

For The Teens..."It Gets Better"

Writer Dan Savage and his husband Terry, made this video as part of a project he started to combat gay teen suicides which is still at high rates in this country (hard to imagine in this day and age). I love Dan Savage, he has definitely contributed greatly to our community.

Openly Gay Republican Fred Karger Considering Bid For 2012 Presidential Nod...

Finally a Republican we can like. 

Fred Karger, the activist behind boycotts against big donors to California's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, announced he's considering a 2012 presidential bid as an independent Republican in New Orleans during the annual Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) 2010, the most prominent Republican meet up outside of the Republican National Convention.

Karger founded Californians Against Hate in 2008. The group has led boycotts against major donors to California's anti-gay marriage initiative, Proposition 8. He's also targeted the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), filing formal complaints with state election officials in California and Maine against both groups.

Previously, he managed the campaigns of various Republicans, including six presidential candidates.

Go here to watch his video

3M Follows Targets Lead, Supports Anti-Gay Minn. Candidate Tom Emmer...

With all the bad press fall out from Target donating $150,000 grand to Minnesota anti-gay candidate for Governor, Tom Emmer, you would think that 3M would have stayed far away from wanting any of that headache. Although BestBuy has not received nearly the shitz storm that Target has and their contribution was in the same range. 

3M gave a whopping $100,000 to a group in Minnesota known as MN Forward, a political action committee working to elect a Republican State Representative, Tom Emmer, as governor of Minnesota. Emmer is a lightning rod of controversy for positions he has taken demonizing LGBT people, immigrants, those concerned about the environment, and restaurant workers, to name a few.

Emmer's anti-gay comments are particularly egregious. As a politician, Emmer has tried to bar gays and lesbians from raising children, has criticized efforts to deal with anti-gay bullying in high schools (despite the fact that Minnesota is home to a school district that has seen three LGBT students commit suicide this past year), wanted to de-fund HIV/AIDS groups in Minnesota, and has tried to ban same-sex marriage. Perhaps most appalling, Emmer has given money to a religious ministry known as You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, which has called for violence against gays and lesbians and labels all LGBT people pedophiles.

click on the link above to let them know that supporting anti-gay candidates like Tom Emmer is not only bad for business, but it's offensive to the millions of LGBT consumers that purchase and use 3M products.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NOM Backs Anti-Gay Minn. GOP Candidate Tom Emmer...

No big surprise here...

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) said Wednesday they will launch a statewide advertising campaign in Minnesota backing Republican Tom Emmer as the only candidate for governor who supports a referendum banning gay marriage.

The television ad, called “Our Most Important Civil Right,” says that among the three major candidates for governor, Emmer is the only one who believes marriage is “only between one man and one woman.”

The group says DFLer Mark Dayton (DFL) and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner support “imposing same-sex marriage without a vote of the people.”"

Nom gets so boring after a while...I wonder if they will match Target and BestBuy's donations?

Equality California Debuts New Ad Against Meg Whitman...

Equality California has released two ads today going after Meg ugly ass Whitman and Steve stool Cooley for supporting Prop8 and saying they would defend it in court.

Whitman is running for governor and Cooley is running for attorney general.

Whitman's is posted below...

And The Law Suits Continue Against Mega Church Pastor...

Yesterday I posted about mega church and gays are going to hell, pastor Eddie Long. Well now a third suit has been filed against Long who claims gays can be cured and offers programs for those seeking to be freed from sinful same sex attractions....Well it clearly has not worked for him. Long of course has denied the first two allegations as I'm sure he will deny the the third. Look, one allegation i can see but three, where there's smoke there is fire....i believe...

According to the lawsuit filed today in DeKalb County, Long welcomed Jamal Parris, who was 14 years old at the time, into his circle of "Spiritual Sons." Long allegedly lavished gifts on the small, intimate group of young male parishioners who'd entered into a "covenant" with the pastor. Much like the other lawsuits, Long is accused of using his spiritual position and scripture to defend the alleged sexual encounters.

The relationship turned sexual after 2004, the lawsuit claims, when Parris, who by then was 17 and had started working at New Birth as Long's personal assistant, accompanied the pastor on trips across the country in the church's private plane and made private visits to his DeKalb County guesthouse and living area at the megachurch.

According to the suit, in 2009, Parris — whom Long allegedly encouraged to call him "Daddy" — started a relationship with a girlfriend, distanced himself from the pastor, and ultimately left the church.

Oh My...

More Here


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Florida Appeals Court Up Holds Lower Court Ruling Ban on Gay Adoptions Unconstitutional...

A Florida appeals court has ruled the state’s ban on adoption by gays and lesbians is unconstitutional, upholding a lower court ruling that will now likely be appealed to the state’s supreme court.

“We affirm the judgment of adoption, which holds subsection 63.042(3), Florida Statutes, violates the equal protection provision found in article I, section 2, of the Florida Constitution,” the court said.

The case deals with the family of Martin Gill (pictured), a gay Florida man who is seeking to adopt two boys placed in his foster care years ago by the state.

Conn. Knights Of Columbus Drop Millions To Fight Gay Marriage...

Being a Conn native all things that involve my home state interest me. Especially when it involves gay issues. The Knights Of Columbus, a catholic organization that started in New Haven Conn., dropped quite the dime on their fight against gay marriage. Giving a large amount to California's Prop8 and also the Maine initiative to get gay marriage over turned. Of course they funneled the money through none other then the National Organization for Marriage. NOM. Those scumbags. However they best part is, gay marriage is legal in Conn...

"Knights openly spent millions in support of California's gay marriage ban. He says the group also fought marriage equality in Maine, but tried to do so below the radar."

"They mainly were, once again, the largest donor to the cause in Maine, but they simply funneled that money through the National Organization for Marriage and as a result, had not received as much publicity.

“As the recession has continued to make it difficult for people who have become unemployed or underemployed, or otherwise get by on lower incomes, the Knights of Columbus has stepped in to help,” notes the Knights’ 2010 report. It highlights a $1 million fund set up by the Supreme Council to supplement the efforts of local councils to support food banks through its new “Food For Families” program, and it touts its Coats for Kids program, which distributed coats to needy children.

But the Supreme Council’s spending on the two programs together still represents less than the $1.4 million it donated to NOM’s anti-gay marriage efforts in 2009. And the Council also donated an additional half million to NOM and $1.15 million to the California campaign the year prior. The Supreme Council’s total spending on community projects in 2009 (which include soup kitchens, homeless shelters, well drilling projects, and other forms of relief worldwide) totals approximately $3.5 million — an amount that exceeds its giving to anti-gay marriage proposition campaigns, but not by much. The Council’s spending on educational programs in 2009 totaled barely more than $1 million.

Jodie Foster Defending Mel...

In an interview with More Magazine, Jo-dyke Foster defended Smel Gibson by saying: "When you love a friend, you don't abandon them when they're struggling."

Ok i get it, but when that friend hates the gays and you are one of them, how do you rationalize that? Just sayin'...


Did you watch the season premiere of  glee? I thought it was great. Really cute. Love Charice and Cheyenne Jackson is hot!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gay Sexual Suit Filed Against Mega Church Baptist Anti-Gay Preacher Eddie Long...

Yup. Case of the Gay Face...
Yeah!!!! This is always the best news especially since we got some bad news over DADT today.

Two Georgia men have filed suit claiming that prominent Atlanta pastor Eddie Long coerced them into sex.
The suits, filed Tuesday in DeKalb County, Georgia, allege that Long used his position as a spiritual authority and bishop to coerce young male members and employees of his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church into sex.

'Defendant Long has a pattern and practice of singling out a select group of young male church members and using his authority as Bishop over them to ultimately bring them to a point of engaging in a sexual relationship,' the suits allege.

"Long shared a bedroom and engaged in intimate sexual contact with plaintiff Flagg including kissing, massaging, masturbating of plaintiff Flagg by defendant Long and oral sexual contact," the suit says.

Long took the other plaintiff, Maurice Murray Robinson, 20, to Auckland, New Zealand, in October 2008 for his 19th birthday and engaged in oral sex with him, Robinson's suit alleges.

Long is considered one of the nation's top black preachers and allegedly on the down low...Weeeeeeee

Just so you know this creep is one of the most anti-gay preachers of today.  He has done NO good for the gays ever unless of course you view this as something special; Long extended an invitation to gays and lesbians looking for a "cure" to attend a "Sexual Orientation and Reorientation" conference at New Birth.

In 2004, Long and his followers vigorously supported a proposed amendment to the Georgia state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Civil rights activists cringed as Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter, Bernice, handed a torch to Long, whom she has referred to as her "new father," as they marched side by side to her biological father's gravesite in a demonstration held "to protect the institution of marriage."

If black gays and lesbians feel emotionally desolate, alienated, or abandoned by their church, Long says, it's not because of bigoted attacks on them but because of their own sexual sin.

And if they don't change, he warns, they're going straight to hell. "Homosexuality and lesbianism are spiritual abortions," Long says. "Homosexuality is a manifestation of the fallen man."

Well i guess you'll be riding down with us. I will save you a seat...Don't forget to bring lots of water and your make up bag, I hear the competition is fierce down there...

Circumcision Not For The Gays...

Calls for a return to circumcision as a standard practice would only help prevent the spread of HIV among heterosexual men, not gay men.

In the Medical Journal of Australia St Vincent’s Hospital’s Dr Alex Wodak, National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research director David Cooper and Sydney University Molecular Medical Sciences professor Brian Morris wrote that circumcision would help prevent HIV infections in Australia by 2030. They urge Australia to not only encourage the practice, but export it to other countries in the region.

“Male circumcision is one of the most powerful interventions that is currently available in the fight against HIV,” the three wrote.

“The prospect of the availability of a vaccine over the next 20 years is unlikely. Thus, circumcision now to prevent heterosexual HIV transmission in 2030 makes sense … Condom use plus circumcision [is] analogous to seatbelts plus airbags for reducing the road toll.”"

Baxter said there was little evidence to suggest circumcision did much to prevent HIV transmission in gay men, though it was somewhat protective against human papillomavirus (HPV).

Italian Official Says Gay Adoption is Linked to Child Trafficking...

Rome, Italy, Sep 21, 2010.  The Secretary of State for Family Policy in Italy, Carlo Giovanardi, stated in an interview this week that he believes there is a connection between adoption by same-sex couples and the increase in the human trafficking of minors.

“where the adoption by gay couples is allowed, such as in the U.S. and Brazil,” the countries have exploded with the “buying and selling of children.”

“It is something that at least this government will never accept and I want to denounce it from here.”

“To impose two parents of the same sex on a child is to subject that child to psychological violence,” Giovanardi continued. “A child has the right to grow up” in an environment where “a paternal and maternal figure complement each other and guarantee the child balanced development,” he added."

WTF? Being an Italian myself, i get so disgusted with my people at times. I do not even have to say how completely out of touch this douchebag Stupido is. There is no such truth, in the U.S. linking any gay adoptions to an increase of child trafficking. NONE. That is irresponsible and deplorable of him to make statements like that and this idiot is the Secretary of State for Family Policy?

Landlord Ordered to Pay Gay Couple For Refusing To Rent To Them...

A landlord who went back on his rental agreement with two men from Yellowknife, Canada, after finding out they were a couple has been ordered to pay $13,400 by a human rights adjudicator ruling that the landlord's claim he "feared God's wrath" and was therefore acting within his religious rights by discriminating against the couple did not overrule his legal obligations to them as set forth in the rental agreement.

I guess the lord above didn't agree with him either cuz bitch lost...

NOM Releases New Desperate Anti-Gay AD In Iowa...

NOM has released there new anti-gay/anti-gay marriage hate message for Iowa voters. Of course it is filled with lies, fear and ignorance. Watch it below and then watch the following video from, they break the video down exposing the real truth...Oh Faggie and Bottom Brown, you think you are so clever, but our mean little claws are all ova you jokesters...

Caleb Followill Engaged...

So sad, another one that got away. I don't know whey all these hotties keep leaving me? :) Caleb Followill lead singer of Kings Of Leon, got engaged over the weekend to his girlfriend of 2 years, Lily Aldridge. I must say she is a cutie. Congrats.

"Sex on Fire" was written about me...Well i mean all the boys in West Hollywood think it is...;)

On more of a TRUE note, the King's new album "Come around Sundown" is being released Oct. 17. Can't wait...

DADT Defeated...Republicans Suck Ass....

Senate Republicans have blocked an effort to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military.

The partisan vote was a defeat for gay rights groups who saw the provision in a defense authorization bill as their last chance any time soon to overturn the law known as "don't ask, don't tell."

Democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance the legislation, which authorized $726 billion in defense spending including a pay raise for troops.

What a complete and utter insult to the men and women how have served and died for our country. Republicans should be ashamed of them selves.


Imagine being on that boat?

Thomas Roberts Begging For GaGa....

MSNBC News Live host Thomas Roberts on Monday pleaded with his Twitter followers to help get Lady Gaga on his program, at one point hyping the pro-gay rights singer as the “Joan Baez of her time.”  In the 11am hour, Roberts, who is openly gay and hosted The Advocate On-Air , explained that he had Tweeted Lady Gaga to come on the air …"

He is such a hottie....Yum...

Men Wearing Shorts Not Allowed In Vatican City...

And this queen has room to talk? Nice hat sister...

Did you know the Vatican had a dress code? If you're a woman, skirts must be below the knee and if you're a man you are not allowed to wear shorts. However if you are a pedophile priest they will protect you, hide you and put you in contact with young boys...:)

Vatican City is cracking down on tourists dressed ‘inappropriately’. According to Italian news agency ANSA, Swiss Guards have asked ‘men wearing shorts and women with exposed knees and shoulders’ to cover up before entering the city. A dress code has already been in place for St Peter’s Basilica, but it now applies to all over the city."

Iowa Catholic Leaders Fighting Hard Against Gay Marriage...

As if you could not tell from prior postings, i have no tolerance for conservative religious groups. Although i grew up in a non strict catholic house hold, the entire organization disgusts me. :)

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Catholic leaders want voters to call for a rare constitutional convention in hopes the state can ban same-sex marriages.

Members of the Iowa Catholic Conference, comprised of church officials from Iowa's four Roman Catholic dioceses, issued a notice Monday supporting a Nov. 2 ballot question requiring a constitutional convention. That question appears on the ballot every decade, and if approved orders the Legislature to put in place a process for selecting delegates to the convention.

Changes to the Iowa Constitution proposed by the convention would then go before voters.

Iowans haven't called for a constitutional convention since 1920.

Tom Chapman, the group's executive director, say the convention would be the fastest way to overturn a 2009 Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage."

A Montana GOP Senator Doing The Right Thing....

Republican State Senator John Brueggeman of Polson is taking a stand on homosexuality, and is proposing a bill which would strike language from Montana law which prohibits homosexuality.

Brueggeman says he expects to roll out draft language in the upcoming weeks.

This comes after news hit the press about the Montana Republican Party adopting a platform to keep acts of homosexuality illegal."

NY Governor David Paterson Signs Gay Adoption Bill

New York Governor David Paterson has signed an adoption bill that allows gay couples to jointly adopt a child, New York-based NY1 reported.

Paterson, a Democrat and a gay ally, signed the bill on Sunday.

The law allows unmarried partners to jointly adopt a child in New York State. The bill also replaces the term “husband and wife” with “married couple.”

Bill sponsors say the law was needed to ensure children get lifelong support, including insurance and benefits, from both adults even in the event couples split."

Remembering McQueen...

LONDON — About 1,000 people, some in homage plumes, nearly all in raven black, gathered here on Monday under the soaring dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate the life of the renegade designer Alexander McQueen, whose genius remained resiliently set against the minor and the conventional.

Alluding to the joy he found in creating beautiful clothes and presenting them in extraordinary settings, Suzy Menkes, the fashion editor of The International Herald Tribune, one of four speakers, said of St. Paul’s: “It would have been his ultimate venue.”

Mr. McQueen was found dead at the age of 40 on Feb. 11 in his home in London, his death ruled a suicide
I was at the opening of his LA store and i must say it was quite the party. Janet Jackson, Brooke Shields, Anthony Kiedis, Natalie Mianes and a slew of other celebrities. The Gossip performed and Beth Vito put on an amazing show. McQueen himself was there and up until this point i did not really know what he looked like, but when i saw him a crush immediately came over me.

So young, so sad...

Minnesota Anti-Gay Bishop Wage War On Gay Marriage...

The hate that this dick bag has is so pathetic and unreal...

Catholic Archbishop John Nienstedt of Minnesota is spearheading an effort in that state to "defend marriage" by mailing out 800,000 anti-gay DVDs and letters to every Catholic in the state.

"I hope that you will read the letter and watch the DVD. Then, I hope that you will become one of the thousands of Catholics who have contacted legislators and told them that marriage is a lifetime relationship between one man and one woman," Bishop John Quinn said. "Any other kind of relationship simply is not a marriage."

The mailing is being paid for by a "large donation," reported KSTP ABC 5 Eyewitness News.

Nienstedt told the ABC station the DVD is meant as a "teaching tool" in advance of the November election. Two of Minnesota's gubernatorial candidates support legalizing same-sex marriage, while the Republican does not.

"It's not partisan politics in any way. But you know, it's kind of rallying the troops around this issue and pointing out to Catholics that this is an important issue in every election year," archbishop Nienstedt said.

The Human Rights Campaign issued this statement in response: "There is a difference between civil marriage, that is marriage under the law, and marriage in the religious sense. If marriage equality becomes law in Minnesota, no church would be forced to recognize any marriage they do not agree with. This is a matter of basic equality under the law and has nothing to do with religion. This is a matter of fairness."

Acid Woman Charged...

A woman who splashed a caustic substance on her face and claimed a stranger had attacked her faces three theft charges related to the nearly $28,000 donated to benefit her, a prosecutor says.

The felony second-degree charges filed Monday by Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik relate to donations collected for Bethany Storro after she was chemically burned Aug. 30.

Court records indicate Storro said she has spent about $1,500 of the money — on such items as dinners for her parents, clothes for herself, and a bill for an August laser facial peel. Golik said the accounts containing donated money have since been frozen.

That it one crazy thing to do to yourself...
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