Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Does This Resemble?

I found this pic over at Gay Daily Hot (NSFW- unless you work in the porn biz!) Its hysterical.

I'm A Shape Shifter...

izz: Ok here is the deal. I am constantly waking up naked ( i know barf, right, well not according to the boys on craigslist) in all different areas in my apt. Like, on the floor in front of the door, on the couch,  but most constantly on my living room floor. Now either the lexapro is efffin with me, which believe me that shitz does or i am morphing into other forms and taking midnight runs. I have always had a preference for nudity, i mean i love nude beaches and nude yoga, but this is a bit strange. My god am i a conservative bible beater republican on the down low? Ok, but either way, the only things i could be shifting into (cuz you know its based on what you see) are a Brussels griffon (cutest dogs in the world) a squirrel they run ramped around my apt building, or  a DirtyTony porn...( that would be my pick) but i ask you, could this be possible? Wait! Oh my god, what if i could shape shift into Faggie Gallagher? it would be an ugly shift for a former super model but god, i could dismantle NOM...Watch out Brian Bottom Brown, Sam Merlotte is coming...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sen. Robert Casey Jr. Is Awsome...

izz: This guy is a LGBT Hero. All the conservative, republican douchebags that do not want to ad LGBT to anti-bullying measures should get their asses off their bibles and LISTEN to what Sen. Casey is saying and doing.
U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Robert Casey Jr. (D) introduced a bill last week that seeks to mandate federal regulations for school bullying, including banning harassment against LGBT youth.

Casey introduced the Safe Schools Improvement Act Aug. 5, along with 10 cosponsors.

The bill would require that any public schools that receive federal funding develop anti-bullying policies that specifically prohibit bullying motivated by certain characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. The measure would also mandate that schools and districts have effective prevention strategies in place to combat classroom harassment and would compel states to compile data on incidence of bullying and report the statistics to the U.S. Department of Education. 
Casey said the alarming statistics about school bullying motivated him to lead the fight for the bill in the Senate.

He noted that while students from any background can be subject to bullying, LGBT youth are particular targets, with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network citing that nine out of 10 gay youth have reported classroom harassment. 
“It’s bad enough if it was one or two out of 10, but a number that high is just disturbing,” he said. “I think people are sick and tired of reading about incidents after they’ve happened. For a student to be harassed to the point of suicide or where he can’t function or is subject to violence, it’s just wrong. And there are larger numbers of kids that we don’t hear about, those who skip school because they’re afraid.” 
“In the end, it’s about one word: betrayal. Public officials say over and over again that they care about the kids and that they want to invest more dollars in schools, and I’m all for that, but all the dollars in the world can’t prevent a child from the horrific nightmare many face when they’re afraid to go to school,” he said. “I’ve never had that experience, I never was threatened or felt like someone was going to do me harm, so it’s hard for me to even fully appreciate or understand the horror so many kids go through every single day.”

Casey acknowledged that the fact that the bill is LGBT-inclusive could sway some legislators away from supporting it, but he said the support he’s already seen is solid.

“It is possible, but we have a pretty good list of cosponsors right now,” he said. “We have people who are chair of committees and people from all across the country, so it is significant. But we do need a few Republicans to stand up and join our bill.” 
read the full deets here

Steven Slater's Grand Exit From JetBlue On Tape...

Finally the video footage has arrived of Steven Greatest American Hero Slater, popping out the slip-n-slid, grabbing her bud and making his legend of Billie Jean escape....Love it...

Haters Filed Their Appeal...

izz: Protect Hate Marriage, which is a nasty little coalition of religious and conservative freaks and haters that sponsored Proposition 8 and had to defend it after the Governortor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown said hell to the no on Hate...Well of course the discriminating gay hating group filed their appeal yesterday to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Which we expected.

3 judges will be randomly picked and there is no deadline for the case to be heard. By next Wednesday, Aug. 18. at 5pm the gays may be getting married, depending upon what happens with the 9th Circuit.  

Of course Brian Bottom Brown whined out his pie hole of a mouth this stupid statement:

 “This ruling, if allowed to stand, threatens not only Prop 8 in California but the laws in 45 other states that define marriage as one man and one woman,” said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage. Oh Brian, don't you even get tired of hearing your same old song? Shut up already...and by they was shouldn't you be working on mine and Beck's cock rings?

Judge Walker said this his ruling on Thursday: he's not sure the proponents have the authority to appeal since they would not be affected by or responsible for implementing his ruling. 

Andy over at Towleroad (one of the best gay sites on the net) has a great step by step break down about the stays ruling, what it means and whats next. I must say go and read it. It explains it in the most simplest form, its perfect. Click on the link above it will take you right to the page.


More Hotness...

Ok these pics are a bit older but still, yum...

Hot Guys!

Ok lets get some Friday hot men going here. Now i don't listen to a lot of country, but Country sure has a lot of hot cowboys...

Luke Bryan

A Taylor Dayne Gem...

I love this clip for the old RuPaul VH1 show back in the day. The TayTay's voice is just amazing...

Dr. Laura Drops the N Word...

izz: I have not liked Dr. Whora Laura since she pulled her shit with the gays in the 90's. Shes another religious crackpot against gay marriage while she herself has had two marriages. Oh and a fun side note, the holier then thou's second husband was married at the time she met them, they had an affair and he left his wife for her ugly ass. Nice woman. And lets not forget about her sons infamous myspace page. Ok so anyway the other day on her radio show a caller phoned in expressing her issue about her husbands friends making racist comments about her in their home and the ever so brilliant Laura had this bull shitz to say:

When the woman asked if the N-word was offensive, Dr. Laura said "black guys say it all the time," then went on to repeat it several times.

Schlessinger did not direct the epithet at the woman, but said she used it to suggest how often she hears it, and that it should not automatically be cause for offense.

When the caller objected, Schlessinger replied: "Oh, then I guess you don't watch HBO or listen to any black comedians."

Schlessinger also said that if the caller did not have a sense of humor about race, she shouldn't have entered into an interracial marriage.

How anyone listens to this idiots talk show is amazing to me. She is a joke. So of course the "act of contrition" tour. Here is her laughable and im sure heartfelt (wink wink) apoligy.

"I articulated the N-word all the way out - more than one time," Schlessinger said in comments from the opening of her radio show that she posted on her site. "And that was wrong. I'll say it again - that was wrong."

She said she "realized I had made a horrible mistake, and was so upset, I could not finish the show."

Poor thing had to leave her show cuz she was so upset...awww. It wasn't because she had to get to a klan meeting? Just wondering...

People with brains, turn your radios off on her, would you please...

deets via aol

Happy Friday!!!

TGIF...IZ all i gotz to say bitchez. Don't these cocktails look devine? Yum...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am Marrying David Beckham Next Weekend!

izz: I know this is short notice but I just wanted to take moment to announce mine and Beck’s wedding next weekend. It has been a long wait. Since it is short notice we had no time to get the invi’s out so we decided to go viral instead. Manhunt, adam4adam and craigslist will list the times, dates and festivities, but I thought I would share just a few cliff notes with you.

The ceremony will be at Mel Gibson’s Church in Malibu. We are so excited. My sugar daddy John McCain will do me the honors of walking me down the aisle (my father broke a toe doing the Achy Breaky, shucks) and Cindy and Megan will be doing readings from They Joy Of Gay Sex. I know can you stand it! I wasn’t sure if he could make it after being on his BIG tour this summer, but Brian Bottom Brown is going to be our cock ring boy after all. What a treat! (He is polishing them as we speak, got a great deal from Tiffany’s, although we had to get David’s resized, I don’t know how he hides that thing in those Armani briefs.) Posh designed me dress. She knows I love turquoise.

Tony Perkins is extremely excited to be Beck’s best man. Tony has arraigned a bachelor party for this weekend at the Turkish Baths in Hollywood. Sauna, steam, Jacuzzi, massages, showers, I mean the works. He spared no expense. (Well between you and me, he gets a great discount with his gold membership, but it’s the thought that counts).

Let me divert you for a second and tell you about the food! Deciding on the cake was a little bit tiresome. So many choices. I finally told Paula Dean that I want to go with a catholic motif, you know close to my roots and all. Something like a middle finger upright with Pope Benedict written on it, in glitter. It’s the least I could do considering how devout I am. We are also having your choice of; get ready to lick your lips, baby wolf and moose tartar. Flown in from Alaska, curtsey of Sarah Palin. What a woman! She will also be attending. Does it get any more exciting? Oh, I think it does.

The hardest decision for me to make during this whole down to the minute wedding, was my matron of honor. Unfortunately neither of my sisters can make it, my older sister is fighting in the Congo and my younger one is building a performing arts school in Malawi, you know like Fame. So I had to decide between two dear friends and it was pain staking. How do you not hurt one over the other? But then a brilliant idea came to me from the heavens above. (Can I get an Amen up in here?) Singing “the Wedding Song” as I walk down the isle will be none other than the incomparable Anita Bryant! With Kathy Lee on back up. As I take the alter next to my soon to be husband, my matron of honor Maggie Faggie Gallagher will take my bouquet and place my train…I ask you does it really get any better than this??

I know you are wondering how a blushing bride can get all this together so fast? Well truth be told as any good bride knows you must hire the best wedding planner in the biz. And there is only one person, Carrie Pre-Jordache-Jean, A gift to me from the GOP. She was truly amazing through out this whole process. So if you are looking for a planner call her now, cuz I hear she is booking up fast. Here is her number 1-900- Burn-Bitch. 

Ok gotta run. I have to trim Beck’s “golden balls”. The LDS church is sending us on an all expense paid honeymoon to their beautiful resort in Utah and I hear that they are a little kinky there. They have this spa where one of the treatments is to put you naked in a chair, hook your genitals up to electrodes and play porno movies of naked men and zap you a bit…ooohh fun…. I can’t wait!!!

oh and p.s. I forgot to tell you who is marring us, baptist pastor Kathy Griffin...My Girl!!!

this is complete satire...allegedly

Judge Walker's Ruling...

In his decision, Walker wrote: “Plaintiffs seek to have the state recognize their committed relationships, and plaintiffs’ relationships are consistent with the core of the history, tradition and practice of marriage in the United States.”

Get Out Your Wedding Dresses! Lifted!!!!

The Stay Has been Lifted!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blame Straights For Gay Marriage...

Love this! Speaks volumes...LOL...

Dan Quayle's Son Anti-Gay...

izz: So i was cruising Gawker ( i just love the blind items post) and i read this story about Dan i cant spell potato Quayle's son, Ben (who seems like another bright bulb) running for congress in Arizona. It seems he has got himself involved in a mini scandal. Well it would be expected if it was the type of scandal the slick Willy Clinton was involved in but when you are promoting yourself and campaign as a conservative "Family Values" flaky, then once working for a website about dirty nightlife under the porn name Brock Landers then its not so expected. But actually with they way these conservatives have been looking for hand jobs under bathroom stalls and hiring men off of escort sites, are we really that surprised?

Ben fail Quayle, was a contributor to ( a sex and gossip site, hot!) Where his mission as Brock Landers (character from Booggie Nights) was to hunt down the hottest chick in Scottsdale. ( well i cant really knock him for that, i mean that is the goal of every gay man, except our prey has a dick). Of course he denied it at first, then admitted to meeting the owner, then finally coping to being Brock Landers. Now truthfully this is not a big deal in my book, but when you are out there promoting your holier then though image and using the good old conservative, campaign, family grabbing slogan "family values", it doesn't look so hot. 

here is his response:

"I just posted comments to try to drive some traffic," he said.
"What kind of comments?" the reporter asked.
"This is four years ago," Quayle replied. "This is hilarious this is being brought up. … This is a smear. This is a smear on me from a smear website being pushed by a smear campaign."

His campaign brochure is a photo of him and 2 young girls you assume are his, (anything to win) but they are not. He has no children. But the real reason i posted this is because Ben Quayle views himself as "lifelong social conservative" in one mailer, vowing to fight abortion and gay marriage. So gays and straights in AZ get out and campaign against Ben Quayle...not because of his old "dirty" job, but because he is not for equality and personal choice!

and for some real fun watch his campaign video below. Try not to snore.

All Of Mexico Must Recognize Gay Marriages...

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that all 31 states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the capital, though its decision does not force those states to begin marrying gay couples in their territory.
In a 9-2 decision, the tribunal cited an article of the constitution requiring states to recognize legal contracts drawn up elsewhere.

Mexico City’s same-sex marriage law, enacted in March, extends to wedded gay couples the right to adopt children, to jointly apply for bank loans, to inherit wealth and to be covered by their spouses’ insurance policies. Some of those may end up applying only in the capital.
The Supreme Court ruled last week that same-sex weddings are constitutional – though it is holding separate discussions this week on the adoption clause.

izz: I love this, Mexico City approves same sex marriage and then the supreme court rules that every state in Mexico must recognize the marriages. Yet here in the U.S. "the land of the free" a Judge just over turned Prophate in California , the gay hating Governor of Hawaii vetoed the civil unions bill , only a hand full of states allow gay marriage but they are not recognized by the federal government because of the Defense Of Marriage Act. How pathetic is this? I will tell you how, because this country still lets conservative religious beliefs run rampant in our government. Now i will say that the tides have and are changing, however to be in 2010 and still fighting this battle for equality is quite disgusting. Every religious order should be stripped of their tax exempt bullshit if they want to play the politics game...

My bitch aside, i am very happy for the gays and lezi's in Mexico!

full deets here

In Honor Of Hump Day...

I thought i would post a video about Hump Day. Maybe the turn really came from this! 

thanks bv!

Mormons Launch Damage Control Ads...

Salon posted some videos of a new Mormon Moron campaign designed at making the religious freaks look normal. Apparently they are not connected with the LDS Church, but who knows and as Salon reported, some people think that they are the work of Mit Gay Hater Romney to make his bullshit cult religion look good because he is vying for a 2012 presidential run ( god help us). Anyway the ads are corny if you ask me. There are 4 of them but i could only stomach one. Go to Salon to see the rest. It's kinda like watching an ad for Viagra, Nexium, menopause or a female douche ad, ( "you ever get that no so fresh feeling?") until you get to the end. They are kind of vague stating that they are "individuals" and very loosely try to convey that they are not apart of the LDS Church, but do not come out and say that. They actually just state their name and say that they are a Moron Mormon...and that alone is enough for you to say "Nice try crazies, but were on to you".

Can't wait for the new season of Big Love...That always helps in exposing the nut jobs...

p.s. In the ad my favorite line is  "some times i start bi-mixing" lols. I bet.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Florida AG. McCollum Is A Douchebag...

izz: Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum who is also vying for the Governor seat. Opened his gay hating mouth, to spew how he feels about Gay adoption and foster parents. The asshole said that gay foster parenting should be illegal also. Yes because it's better for kids to be in an orphanage rather then be with some one that can give them the love and care that they need? Stupid bitch.

Here is the voluminous diarrhea that projected out of his mouth like Linda Blair's pea soup:

“I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children,” he told the Florida Baptist Witness.

“I think that it’s a lifestyle that I don’t agree with. I realize a lot of people do. It’s my personal faith, religious faith, that I don’t believe that the people who do this should be raising our children. It’s not a natural thing. You need a mother and a father. You need a man and a woman. That’s what God intended,”  Again, there is suppose to be separation of church and state. That is why bible beater bitchez like this should not be in political positions. Would he want the state telling him what he can do and not be able to do as a christian? Such as marry, or adopt children? No i am sure not.

McCollum is running for governor in Florida, a state where gay adoption is already illegal. He says he wants to extend these limits to ban gay foster parenting, too.

“I don’t believe in gay adoption. I don’t believe in involving the government in enforcing or encouraging the lifestyle of gays and homosexuals. I just don’t believe that.” Nobody cares what your hating ass thinks. 

Remeber this is the same idiot that hired George Rekers, the "ex-gay" leader to testify when McCollum was defending the ban on gay adoption as the state Attorney General.  He reportedly paid Rekers $87,000 of taxpayer money to testify on behalf of the ban. Rekers had recently been caught traveling with a man hired from Wow his choices in people are superb. However I am sure he knew Rekers was a butt pirate, but would go to any length for his own anti-gay agenda to win.

But here is what i think. The gays and  straights who pose this asshole need to get the word out HARD in FLA and campaign your asses off to make sure he does not succeed in his bid for the governorship. Bill McCollum is your typical religious conservative that is dangerous to equality for all. He would uses his own personal religious beliefs to decide what bills to veto or push into law and by his statements above it is clear that if he wins, the gay community in Florida is in deep trouble.  

full deets here

Chicken McNuggets Are Dangerous To Employees Safety...

Look we have all gotten annoyed when you pull up to a drive-thru and they are not serving lunch food yet because it is still the morning but seriously, this crazy bitch took it to a whole new level when she was told at a Toledo, Ohio Mcydee's, hell to the no after ordering McNuggets. Melodi (with and I, interesting spelling) Dushane reached through the drive-thru window, bitch slapping one employee and then another when they told her they were only serving breakfast at that time.

Then the Hamburglar took a bottle from her car and smashed the drive-thru window and pealed the hell out of there. But of course she forgot one little snafu, the video tape...Love it! Watch it below...Nothing says crazy drunk trash like this. Melod-i says she was David Hasselhoff'- boozed to hell at the time and spent 60 days in the pokey and had to replace the window...

I guess we should give her a break, it was new years day after all, i mean how many of you can remember that day? I'm still trying to remember new years eve.

Please Remain Seated Until The Captain Has Turned Off The Seatbelt Sign...

izz:Craziness on a JetBlue flight that landed in JFK yesterday. Apparently a flight attendant queen decided it was time for a change in his profession and quit in a big Nancy, Mary way. 

Steven Slater was arrested at his home and charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and criminal trespass, said Helen Peterson at the Queens District Attorney's Office.

The incident took place just after the Jet Blue flight landed when a passenger stood to remove a bag from the overhead bin while the plane was still taxiing, (girlfriends you know that is a big no no)  The luggage accidentally hit Slater on the noggin, apparently not hard enough. Slater and the passenger exchanged words and the conversation escalated. It's still unclear but some kind of physical altercation happened.

Slater picked up the intercom and used expletives directed at the passenger, ( the only way a queen can) according to a source with knowledge of the investigation. It is not clear exactly what was said on the intercom. The source said that when the plane stopped at the gate, Slater then grabbed some beer  (beer?  how butch) from the beverage cart before deploying the emergency slide and using it to leave the plane. (FAAAANTASTIC!)

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that it "appears" the flight attendant quit his job in a very dramatic way.

How about saying I quit? That seems to do the job. Now he's got himself in all kinds of trouble. You can't eff with an airplane like that now. I get that those poly-blend uniforms don't do a body justice but girlfriend that is crazy...

full deets here

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eric and Talbot Have Sex...Trueblood

Did you see True Blood last night....Eric and Talbot had sex, HOT!!!!! Here is the clip below...Although wish the showed more skin!

Get Your Tweak On...

izz: This is fascinating, i was googleing the word tweaker to make sure i spelled it correct (i know. Don't ask) and i came across this website, So of course i had to check it out. It's primarily geared toward gay men. It has quite a wealth of info about crystal meth, resources if you are addicted and a nifty diagram of how crystal affects your body parts...Some of the page titles gave me a chuckle, like Crystal 101 and Tweak Team. However i am not making light of crystal addiction, i have had friends who went through hell kicking that nasty drug. It is so insidious.

Mel Gibson's Father Thinks Pope Is Gay...

izz: Meli Gibi's father, Hutton, believes that the Pope is a mo. He was being interviewed on a political radio program when his dementia set in. 

During the interview, Hutton is asked if he believes the Catholic Church has been
"politicized" to the point where they can't address controversial issues such as homosexuality.

Hutton responds, "It's not willing to do so because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer."

When asked if he thinks Benedict is a homosexual, Hutton replies, "I certainly do ... why else would he put up with this" ... adding, "He's a slippery character."

Hutton also claims the Pope is part of a Masonic conspiracy hell-bent on destroying the church from within.

One could only hope that was Pope Ruby Shoes goal but we know the queen is doing everything he can to protect the church. Yeah i kinda agree with old man Gibi, i think the pope probably is a mo. Unfortunately. Boy you can see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. No wonder where Meli gets his purse full of crazy from. 

go here to listen to the audio...Remeber this is the same crazy who does not believe the holocaust happened...tweaker!

Iphone On Verizon....Oh My!

izz: So there is more buz about the iphone coming to Verizon in January...Now comes the dilemma. My ex has just bought the droid and i must say that phone rocks. I love it! The screen is great on bigger than the iphone and it takes up to 32g of memory, holy shitz...However the iphone has a billion apps and i just love the iphone...God the choices!!

Here is the latest rumor on the Verizon iphone from cnn:

The latest: Sources close to Apple's hardware suppliers say that Apple has ordered millions of CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm. CDMA is the wireless technology used by Verizon.
The report comes from TechCrunch contributor Steve Cheney, who says that the chipsets are due in December, implying a January launch for the Verizon device. This follows a rumor from seven months ago that Qualcomm hadlanded a deal to provide Apple with chips.

go here for full deets

Taliban Excutes Pregnant Women...WTF?

izz: The Taliban really need to be destroyed... They are sick mother effers! They killed a PREGNANT woman after accusing her of an affair which they say resulted in her becoming pregnant...I'm sure knowing what insane assholes they are, her infidelity was a complete lie.

The 47-year-old woman, Sanam Gul, also known as Sanam Bibi, was killed in Badghis province Saturday morning, said Ashrafuddin Majidi, the provincial governor's spokesman.

The district governor of Qades, Hashim Habibi, confirmed the execution. He said the woman was accused of adultery that left her pregnant. The Taliban shadow district governor, Mullah Abdul Hakim, and his judge ordered the woman to be executed, he said.

Mohammad Yousuf, a Taliban commander, carried out the execution, shooting the woman in her head, Habibi said. The statement from the ISAF cited reports that the widow was whipped 200 times before she was shot.

full deets here

Iran Sucks!!!

izz: I have been very vocal about my disdain for the Iranian Government and their nasty gay hating ways not mention that they will put people to death for using gods name in vain. These people are nothing but psychos and pigs. I posted recently about Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani sentenced to death by stoning because she allegedly committed adultery. However she said she was forced into the confession by authorities, which i truly believe. Well now the scumbags have sentenced a teenager to death for being gay. Yes, homosexuality is is a crime in that country. This is not the first time that Idam Iran has executed teenagers for being gay. 

Here is the scoop:

Ebrahim Hamidi is an 18 year old Iranian. He was convicted as a juvenile of sexual assault against another man, and placed on death row. The alleged victim admitted he lied and has removed the complaint. There is a confession, but that came about because of police brutality. The court in East Azerbaijan province is refusing to void the young man’s conviction. His lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, had to flee the country because he is defending a woman who is set to be stoned for the “crime” of adultery.

Iran's supreme court has twice vacated Ebrahim's conviction and death sentence. Yet the provincial court is refusing to comply with the appeal court rulings, leaving Ebrahim on death row.

WTF, is wrong with this country? They are insane.

get the full deets here

Ted Olson on Chris Wallace...

izz: Here is what Ted Olson said to Chris Wallace about Judge Walker over turning PropHate:

“Well, would you like your right to free speech? Would you like Fox’s right to free press put up to a vote and say well, if five states approved it, let’s wait till the other 45 states do? These are fundamental constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights guarantees Fox News and you, Chris Wallace, the right to speak. It’s in the constitution. And the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the denial of our citizens of the equal rights to equal access to justice under the law, is a violation of our fundamental rights. Yes, it’s encouraging that many states are moving towards equality on the basis of sexual orientation, and I’m very, very pleased about that. … We can’t wait for the voters to decide that that immeasurable harm, that is unconstitutional, must be eliminated.”

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I don't know who this guy is but man is he hot! YUM! I found him over at Burbujasgay this site has a lot of hot guys! Woof.

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