Saturday, July 10, 2010

DADT 's Insulting Survey...

izz: As if DADT it's self isn't insulting to gay service members and embarrassing to the US alone, the government sends a survey to 400,000 troops with over 100 questions on how they feel about the repeal. I have posted a link from the Advocate where you can read it and down load it. I would like to know what backwards hick they dragged out of 1950 from the woods of melon head land they used to come up with these questions? Let me guess, John McCain, Pat Robertson and Tony Perkins (I'm sure Tony had some wood writing them). The questions are insensitive, insulting and extremely offensive. These questions are written as if the gays are some sort of enemies or pow' Not to mention, that they way they are written they are almost setting it up to get a negative response so they don't over turn DADT. There are so many things that can come out of my mouth right now but fortunately i popped my lexapro, so i am very calm right now ;)

here is a sample:

If Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed and you are assigned to bathroom facilities with an open bay shower that someone you believe to be a gay or lesbian Service member also used, which are you most likely to do? Mark 1. 

Take no action 
Use the shower at a different time than the Service member I thought to be gay or lesbian 
Discuss how we expect each other to behave and conduct ourselves 
Talk to a chaplain, mentor, or leader about how to handle the situation 
Talk to a leader to see if I had other options 
Something else 
Don't know 

If you selected 'Something else,' please specify below.

go here to read the survey

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Gibson Tape!

You must go to Radaronline to listen to the Mel sugartits Gibson infamous audio of him ripping in to his girl friend. What a scumbag. Clearly this asshole needs help of the medical kind. Click here to listen

Faggie Gallagher Not Happy .....

izz: Oh  Maggie Faggie Gallagher has her underalls in a twist up her crack because of a Mass. Judge's ruling that part of  DOMA is unconstitutional. Here is what ugly ass Faggie had to say:
"Does this federal judge want to start another culture war? Does he really want another Roe. v. Wade? The simple fact is that the right of the federal government to define marriage for the purposes of its federal law and federal territories has been clear since the late 19th century, when Congress banned polygamy. Only an incompetent defense could have lost this case. We expect to win in a higher court."

 Nothing like a gay hater scorned. A "Culture War"? Really? Oh shut up. You are so stupid...They only war going on is between you the bible beaters and us the Pink Ladies and we now rule the school honey. See ya at the drive in...

Anita Bryant is Alive and Still Gay Hating...

Just the other day in one of my posts i made a snarky comment about where is Anita Bryant Tyrant today, well i no more then said that and would you believe the gay hating, Faggie Gallagher prequel, Harvey Milk defeated foe is returning to the stage this weekend in a, get this, anti-gay loving festival? Yup. Tyrant will be preforming a bunch of "Patriotic" songs, if you can imagine, at the two-day conference July 9th and 10th calling for a return to America’s Christian heritage, a crusade against Muslims and gays, and will coincide with the first ever Patriot Pastors Tea Party. Can you just barf or what? The headliner for the event is the widely discredited David Barton, who has gained criticism for speaking at Christian Identity gatherings that called for the execution of homosexuals. 

Tyrant has long since faded from the spot light. Her anti-gay hate ruined her once successful career. Coke and Florida Orange juice dropped her ass and her record company soon followed. She completely dropped out of the lime light, because attitudes toward the gays changed and she became the villainous face of homophobia. It was a severe backlash against her and she deserved every ounce of it. Apparently she has left a trail of dirty deeds over the years. Ruining people financially, writing bad checks, their are current warrants out for her arrest. Oh yes. She's a real Christian woman isn't she?

One last note. Years back when Kathy Lee Gifford was still on Live with Regis. They were blabbing about their weekend and Kathy Lee went on about how she was with her "Friend" Anita Bryant. Well as you know Gifford has always been a bible beater herself, but it was the way she went on about her, talking about Bryant as if she was the victim and how her career suffered and how she suffered personally and had hard times. And I'm thinking, Bitch, two men died from gun shots because of the hate and hysteria that bitch started. I have never like Kathy Lee since! As if that could be the only reason :)

But to get all the current misbehavings of Anita Tyrant you must go to Gossip-boy. They have the best article on this skank and the details.

Don't Appeal, President Obama

izz: Ok you must go to the Courage Campaign website and sign this letter asking Obama not to appeal the decision made on Thursday. A federal judge in Massachusetts ruled that part of the "Defense of Marriage Act" is unconstitutional -- meaning that the federal government can no longer withhold recognition of same-sex marriages performed in states where such marriages are legal. It's a major victory for equality. Now we need to make sure that President Obama preserves that victory by not appealing it.

Just click on the link below to add your name:


Happy Friday!!!

It's that time!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Questionnaires Sent To Service Members On DADT...

So about 400,000 troops active and reserve will be getting the questionnaires about DADT. It has more than 100 questions ranging from unit morale or how readiness might be affected if a commander is believed to be gay or lesbian; the need to maintain personal standards of conduct; and how repeal might affect willingness to serve in the military.

The survey also asks a number of questions aimed at identifying problems that could occur when troops live and work in close quarters in overseas war zones. For example, the questionnaire asks military members how they would react if they had to share a room, bathrooms, and open-bay showers in a war zone with other service members believed to be gay or lesbian.

There also are several questions about reactions to dealing with same-sex partners in social situations.

izz: Ok, "Problems that May Occur". Here is what i want to know, John Doe is in a unit with Jim Mo, they have been in close quarters for months, sleeping, bathrooms, open showering etc. They get along great. Doe does not know that Mo is a mo. During all this time Mo has not made any moves on Doe. Suddenly now Mo is out and Doe feels uncomfortable in the shower or bathroom with him? Come on. Are we in junior high school here? What is different than the day before? If so then Doe has issues he needs to work out on his own. I am sure Tony Perkins was getting a major hard on as he read that part of the questionnaire... ;)

And "Reactions to dealing with same sex partners in social situations" Again, wtf? They give people credit for being so dumb sometimes....

deets via cnn

Grammy Winning Russian Pianist Arrested For Rape Of 14 yr Old Boy...

Mikhail Pletnev has been charged with raping a 14 year old boy in Thailand.

A crime that carries a maximum prison term of 20 years if convicted. Holy....

Pletnev was released on $9,000 bail and ordered to be back in the country by July 18, according to Itar-Tass.

Itar-Tass said the allegations against Pletnev were based on the testimony of a Thai citizen who claimed that he helped arrange the pianist's purchase of sexual services.

izz: I always wonder, if the allegations are true, how do these people never think they are going to get caught? Especially in this day and age. The urge must be so strong that it shuts off their ability to control themselves even though they know what the consequences can be. Oprah did a show last year about people who view child pornography on the web and she had on an FBI agent, they had this large map on a screen it had thousands of red dots on it and i mean thousands. Each dot represented people that were viewing child pornography across the country and it was just the ones they knew of. It blew my mind.

full deets at cnn

DOMA Shot Down Twice....

A federal judge in Boston Thursday ruled, in two separate cases, that a critical part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.

In one challenge brought by the state of Massachusetts, Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Health and Human Services, Judge Joseph Tauro ruled that Congress violated the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution when it passed DOMA and took from the states decisions concerning which couples can be considered married. 

 Tauro considered whether the federal law’s definition of marriage—one man and one woman—violates state sovereignty by treating some couples with Massachusetts’ marriage licenses differently than others.
 In the other, Gill v. Office of Personnel Management, he ruled DOMA violates the equal protection principles embodied in the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

Heightened scrutiny requires the government to come up with a fairly significant reason for treating gay couples differently under the law. In both cases, however, the judge said that DOMA failed to meet even the most simple judicial review, rational basis –in other words, there was no justifiable reason to the federal government to treat same-sex couples differently.

izz: Are you listening Maggie Ugly Ass Gallager and Govenor DingleBerry Lingle your Anita Bryant loving homophobic ways are old. Oh and by the way where is that orange juice sour puss these days?

deets via 365gay

Gay Gospel Singer Say's BET Dropped Him After He Came Out....

In 2004 Anthony ‘Tonex’ Williams topped the charts with his Grammy-nominated album ‘Out The Box,’then earlier this he came out. Hell to the no!

Tonex tells The Grio, “That’s the quintessential difference,  to first struggle with it and then to know that that’s the least of who you are.” The singer adds, “That’s a portion that’s actually technically private, but because we live in such a repressed society–particularly in the African American church and congregation–those type of topics seem to keep surfacing.”

The artist shares he felt shunned by his peers, experiencing separation and loneliness.

Tonex reveals he was recently booked to perform on season three of BET’s ‘Sunday Best.’ But this performance never happened. “The day of the event, I get a call and they mysteriously no longer needed my services after the network had already approved it,” according to Tonex.

The cancellation was not so shocking to Tonex who received his share of career backlash. “That lets me know it’s not that I am going to stop singing gospel, but that I am going to present the gospel on my own terms.”

BET, the network said, “The show was over-booked which resulted in the cancellation of Tonex’s performance.”

izz: The old "Over booked" excuse. Hmmm i wonder if they did drop him because of that. I wouldn't be surprise. The Black community tends to be very homophobic but they love the down low, lols... Keep singing Tonex, the gays will always standby ya, they love a good coming out story! Praise JeezSus!

get full deets here

CT Gays, Donate To Kevin Lembo!

My Left Nutmeg is reporting that openly gay state comptroller needs donations to reach $75,000 to match his republican gay bashing/anti gay Family Institute endorsed opponent, Mayor Jarjura who has qualified for public financing which Lembo has not. Donate whatever you can. Being a CT guy and a bit queer, i will be donating.... I posted the link to Kevin Lembo's website below so you can find out about him and donate.

go here to KevinLembo

Go Betty!

izz: LOLS, Betty White is coming out with a calender in September and she has recruited some hot ass men. How hilarious. The calendar will cost $12.99 so queers open your purse's cuz the royalties are going to Morris Animal Foundation where White serves as a trustee.

Yeah Britain!!!

The Britain Supreme Court ruled yesterday that gay people can seek asylum form countries where they can be persecuted for being gay.

Lord Rodger said the normal behaviour of gay people must be protected as it was for heterosexual people.

"What is protected is the applicant's right to live freely and openly as a gay man. To illustrate the point with trivial stereotypical examples from British society: just as male heterosexuals are free to enjoy themselves playing rugby, drinking beer and talking about girls with their mates, so male homosexuals are to be free to enjoy themselves going to Kylie concerts, drinking exotically coloured cocktails and talking about boys with their straight female mates."

Lord Hope said persecution of gays and lesbians was not seen as a problem when the United Nations Convention on the Status of Refugees 1951 was drafted because countries denied homosexuality even existed.

He said a "huge gulf" had opened up in attitudes towards gay people: "It is one of the most demanding social issues of our time. Our own Government has pledged to do what it can to resolve the problem, but it seems likely to grow and to remain with us for many years."

The judge said more and more gays and lesbians were likely to have to seek protection here if it was denied in their home countries.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of the campaign group Stonewall, said: "We are pleased that the Supreme Court has recognised the reality of life for many gay people overseas. We are also delighted that the Government intends to take notice of the judgment."

Jill Roberts, chief executive of Refugee Action, said: "We are relieved that the Supreme Court has acknowledged that the discretion test is unacceptable and was effectively asking gay people to deny their own identity and live with the daily threat of discovery."

izz: Love it! Well seriously, when your country has the mother of all Queens ruling it, this should be a no brainer!

deets here

Ugandan Hoax...

izz: As i am sure you have read by now the story of the Ugandan gay activist who's head was found after being beheaded in a latrine is false, well almost. The Gay activist part is false but the beheading is still real all the same. Jim Burroway who broke the original story over at Box Turtle Bulletin, wrote a letter today explaining what has happened and how he and the rest of the world was duped into thinking it was a gay activist. The story was most likely planted by an anti-gay activist who has toyed with the LGBT community in the past. The theory as to why it was done doesn't really matter however, because a young man was still brutally tortured and beheaded.  It's strange because when this story broke yesterday, It is definitely one that i would have posted about and commented on, but i held back for some reason. Not because for one second did i think it was not true, I did. I think because i was reading so much about it that it was just all to consuming and hard to understand how inhumane people can be to one another...

read Jim Burroway's article here

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lamda and the ACLU are Taking Lingles Ass to Court....

izz: Lamda and the ACLU announced they are not putting up with Governor Linda DingleBerry Lingle bigotry and discriminatory actions and are preparing to head to court to battle it out over the civil unions bill, hater Lingle vetoed. This is clear discrimination and homophobia because the bill was titled civil unions not not gay marriage, which is the biggest complaint with conservative bible beaters. Even though it was the same rights, it did not get the same name as "Marriage" and she still vetoed it, so that only shows one thing- homophobia. Hmmm, i would like to get her opinion on how she feels about the way the Hitler and his Nazi's treated the Jews? Does she "Struggle" with that?

“We’re obviously disappointed that Governor Lingle has, once again, used her power to deny the people of Hawaii their civil rights” said Laurie Temple, staff attorney for the ACLU. “Luckily for the people of Hawaii, however, our constitution prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation. If the Governor won’t honor her oath to uphold the constitution, the courts will.”

They Paved Paradise and Put up A Parking lot...

Nicole Murray-Ramirez is calling on a boycott of a parking lot in San Diego's Gay section, Hillcrest.

The old Pernicano's Restaurant closed since 1985 near 6th and University avenues turned into a paid lot more than a month ago, some gay activists want it boycotted. 

"I would encourage any gays and lesbians to not park in that parking lot. It's a monument to hate and intolerance," said Nicole Murray-Ramirez.

Apparently the owner 92 year old George Pernicano, was not a fan of the gays back in the day. Ramirez had this to say.

"He's said to me and others, 'As long as I'm alive, I'm never selling property to any homosexuals or those who would cater to homosexuals,'" said Murray-Ramirez.

Murray-Ramirez said in the 1970s, whenever he and others would try to put up gay-themed flyers, "He would go, 'I don't advertise anything for you homosexuals, queers …'" Decades later, Murray-Ramirez can't forget.

"I'm not about to put money in his pocket by using the parking lot," said Murray-Ramirez.

Some, like longtime Hillcrest resident James Wood, said a boycott is unproductive for parking-starved Hillcrest.

"It's time to look forward, time to move on for the good of the community," said Wood, who is gay. In a statement, San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria said: "As a proud and openly gay man, my interactions with the Pernicano family have been positive. The family's willingness to work with me and the community of Hillcrest to improve its property and add the needed amenity of parking should be seen as progress."

izz: Old wounds are hard to heal, i can definitely see Ramirez's point. Can't say i would be too willing to get over those hateful words anytime soon. But if Pernicano is in his 90's the old guy is most likely not in charge of the property anymore, it's probably his children or grandchildren who to me don't sound as bigoted according to James Woods experience. You can't hold the sins of the father against the children... You gotta move on...

full deets here 

Christian Resort denies Youth Gay Group...

zz: WayOut, a gay youth group that focuses on suicide prevention filed a compliant of discrimination against Christian Brethren's resort claiming they denied use of the resort because they are a gay group. Now of course the resort claims that is not the case. The resort claims that many other gay groups have used the resort before (i'd like to see that list of "Gay Groups") and that this was a misunderstanding, however this is where you roll your eyes at their blatantly obvious discrimination. 

Greg Garde the lawyer for the Christian Resort says there was never any "intention" to discriminate against the group, when the group was "urged" to camp else where...follow the keywords here. Sue Hachney one of the trips organizers spoke with resort bigot Mark Rowe and told him of the nature of the trip and that they would be hosting gay youth while promoting that homosexuality is ok. Rowe then suggested they seek other campsites.

"The motivating reason wasn't the sexual orientation of anyone," he said.

Mr Rowe had simply disagreed with the intent and purpose of the activity.

"He expressed concern about how the board ... would view a group that promoted homosexuality and homosexual lifestyle, especially considering their age," he said.

WayOut did not fill out a booking form and ended up holding its youth camp at a different site run by the YMCA.

The group is challenging religious exemptions included in Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act

Um, ok dumbass, when the sexual orientation of everyone in the group is gay and Rowe is saying they are not in agreement with promoting homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle, so they should find another venue, then that is discriminating against the sexual orientation of someone. 

Also, i have to say, why do these Gay Groups even bother trying to have a gay event at a location that is not welcoming of homosexuals? Obviously there were other place's to choose from. Why even bother with these bigots?

full deets here

Professor gets Fired After Anti-Gay Remarks...

izz: Dr. Yeruham Leavitt a professor at Ben Gurion University in Israel was fired after he claimed  that all sexual urges could be overcome, including homosexual ones, some students found it offensive and some members of the committee convened to discuss his case perceived it as chauvinist. Leavitt apologized later.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. I really wonder what goes through peoples minds when they say this shit. Leavitt was  speaking to a room filled with students, it must have crossed his mind that there is a possibility that a few of the students could be gay. Why do people insist on offending and promoting discrimination? 

get full deets here

Cristiano Ronaldo, DILF

izz: Crissy just announced that he has a son! The child was conceived though a surrogate while he was on vacation last summer in San Diego. Wow how did he keep that under wraps!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Iran Suck Again!!!

An Iranian youth in Tabriz has been sentenced to death by hanging for the charge of having homosexual relations.
Mohammad Mostafai, attorney for the accused announced that three other people accused in the case were acquitted of the same crime.

According to Iranian law, homosexual relations are against the law and given the death penalty.

Mohammad Mostafai maintained that Hamid Taghi, Ebrahim Hamidi, Mehdi Pouran and Mohammad Rezai were accused of having homosexual relations and were sentenced to death in the preliminary court. Mosatafai adds after appealing to the Supreme Court, three of them were acquitted while Ebrahim Hamidi’s death sentence was upheld.

Mosatafai also maintains that the plaintiff in the case has said that his parents forced him to make a complaint and Ebrahim Hamidi has in no way sexually assaulted him.

I will continue to say it and say it, Islamic law is evil and the government of Iran needs to be stopped for their barbaric and insane laws for killing people because of their sexuality or alleged adultery. 

deets via eurasiareview

Linda Lingle SUCKS!!!

izz: Governor homophobe, bigot, Linda Mingle veto the bill that would allow civil unions in Hawaii after the legislature had approved it in April. Why the legislature will not over ride her veto is beyond me. They voted it in, override her discriminating ass. Furthermore Lingle is a Jewish woman she is all to familiar with bigotry and discrimination, for any Jewish person to fuel discrimination is beyond me. She should be ashamed of herself.

Gay Couple Robbed and Attacked in Piedmont Park...

izz: Six young men were arrested for assaulting and robbing a gay couple at gun point on Friday night. The couple, Rev. Josh Noblitt (top photo), the social justice minister at Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Midtown, and his boyfriend, Trent Williams were having a picnic in the part around 10pm, when these scumbags approached them. One of them asked the couple “Are ya’ll [sic] gay… we should whoop your ass for that,” Highly educated i can see. Noblitt and Williams were fighting off the shit heads when they called for reinforcements that's when Noblitt said "that a black male wearing a black tank top put a gun in his face and demanding [sic] his wallet and cell phone,” according to the incident report. 

An officer was near by and got to scene in minutes. He found the assailants in a parking lot and arrested the idiots. But get this their ages ranged from 13-19. Where the hell are their parents. Talk about kids who need an ass whoopin.

Three being charged as juveniles. The adults – Benjamin Johnson, 16; Sam Johnson, 17; and Jarvis Johnson, 19 – face armed robbery charges and were held in the Fulton County Jail. They are also suspected in a similar assault in Piedmont Park just minutes before Noblitt and Williams were robbed. The victim in the first robbery did not identify himself to police as a gay man.

deets via projectqatlanta

Today Show Not Down with the Wedding Gays...

izz: The Today Show has rejected Gay applicants from entering their "Modern Day Wedding Day Contest". It did not take long for GLAAD to jump on their ass, claiming foul. NBC released the following statement:

“For the Today Show wedding, the couple must be able to be legally married in New York, which is where the wedding will take place.”

They couldn't come up with something better then that? GLAAD say's hell to the no. They say that yes New York does not allow gay marriage (haters) but it does recognize same sex marriages preformed in other states.

“NBC is mistakenly equating the marriage license with the wedding celebration,” it reads. “Same-sex weddings are entirely legal in New York State.”

“Same-sex couples can now legally obtain marriage licenses in Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington DC,” the group said in a statement. “If a same sex couple won the contest, producers and the winning couple could easily work together to ensure that the couple properly obtained and complied with the requirements of a marriage license in one of the license-conferring jurisdictions.”

Go here to sign the petition that GLAAD started to get NBC to stop these school yard kiddie games and play nice with the gays...

deets via 365gay

Conn Priest steals to spend on Gay Escorts and Tavern on the Green....

izz: Kevin Gray a priest at Sacred Heart Church in Waterbury, Connecticut is turning himself in on charges that he stole $1.3 million from the church and spent it on hookers, rare copies of playbills, Madonna tickets (and we ain't talking the holy one ;) body glitter (wtf?). vodka soda's on Fire Island, restaurant tabs in excess of $200,000, one being Tavern on the Green. Ok come on 200,000 g's on food. That is insane. Imagine the poor people that could have helped. Of course i'm more interested in the amount he spent on the hookers! He is being charged with first degree larceny, a  felony that could get him 20 years in the pokey....Holy...Well at least his hand wasn't up and alter boys dress, i mean frock...

Leslie Van Houten up for Parole...

izz: Manson family member Leslie Van Houten is up in front of the Cali parole board today trying to get freed from the pokey for the 1969 brutal and i mean brutal murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Van Houten only took part in the second night of the Manson family terror crazed spree that began the night before with the no less brutal murders of Sharon Tate and her friends. She has been up for parole 19 times. She was originally sentenced to death but it was commuted to life when Cali briefly over turned the death penalty back in the 70's. Van Houten stabbed and held down Rosemary as Tex Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel mercilessly hacked away at her. 

They say she has been a model prisoner. She probably would not be a danger to society but those crimes were brutal regardless.

Oh George...

izz: George Michael was arrested over the weekend in London after he crashed his car into a 1hr Fotomat. (they are still around?) The po po did not say whether Georgie girl was under the influence or not but the declared him unfit to drive.

Gay's in Hawaii waiting on Decision...

izz: The Governor of Hawaii must decide today if she is going to approve or veto the civil union bill. In April the state legislature voted 31-20 in favor of the bill, which is the rights as marriage just named civil union. Governor Linda Lingle has been consulting with rabbi's though her decision making process.

The AP reported that Peter Schaktman, one of the rabbis she consulted said, “Civil unions are a legal arrangement. Therefore, anyone who uses religion to oppose civil unions is purely using religion to further homophobia.”

Iran Sucks More....

izz:As i am sure you can tell i have a great disgust for Iran. Their Government is extremely a suppressive dictatorship run by the bullshit joke of a what they call Islamic law. Yesterday i posted about the woman who is going to be stoned to death for allegedly committing adultery. I just read this article on aolnews how Iran's religious leaders have issued new laws about appropriate hair styles for men. 

Worried that Western ideas might be seeping into -- and onto -- the heads of their nation's young men, Iran's religious leaders have issued a catalog of acceptable "Islamic" male haircuts. Ponytails, spikes, mullets and Mohawks are now forbidden, but Elvis-style locks, floppy fringes and Simon Cowell-esque flattops get the ayatollahs' seal of approval.

Again, Iran is effin crazy....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Iran Sucks!!!

izz: I have said this before and will continue to say it. The Government of Iran is absolutely sick and evil. They have given a death sentence to a women who they claim committed adultery. Death for adultery? Are you kidding me. Sick bastards. First off there is no proof and the woman claims she was forced into making the confession. I am sure she was. She was originally handed a sentence of 90 something lashes which she received. Then the court reviewed her case and felt it was not enough and has sentenced her to death by stoning. And of course it all comes back to their sick fucked up psychotic Islamic religion bullshit. Go here to see the full story. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

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