Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tel-Aviv has their biggest turn out for gay pride yet...

izz: 100,000 showed up to celebrate gay pride in Tel-Aviv, making it the largest ever! Awesome. There are some hot Israeli men i must say!

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Aanti gay group teaching kids to hate..

The group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), i mean can you believe groups like this even exist? Who even has the time to waste on this nonsense? Unfulfilled looser obviously. Anyway, they have put together a seminar for young people 14-25 to combat the gay agenda. I swear it's laughable if they were not promoting hate. Combating the gay agenda? What a joke.

The seminar is called the "Truth Academy" headed by AFTAH leader Peter LaBarbera. To all the kids attending here is a piece of advise the only "truth" you will be learning there is the evils of discrimination, bigotry and hate. That is all. 

Here is what douchebag LaBarbera said on their website:  "Let's face it: much of the conservative establishment has dropped the ball on fighting the homosexual agenda (or given up entirely), so AFTAH is stepping up to train a new generations of activists to contend with the sexual sin movement that has fooled so many Americans into treating a human wrong -- changeable same-sex behavior -- as a 'civil right,"

The AFTAH has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center this year. Not surprising.

Ryan Sorba of the Young Conservatives of California is another one of the "Instructors" LaBarbera has speaking at the seminar. This guys is another tool or i should say douchebag. Either these guys don't actually listen to the stuff that they spew and hear how crazy it sounds to themselves and the minuscule group of people that listen to them or they are just plain crazy or as i always say, when you have men so vehemently against homosexuality that usually means they are taking it up the ass on the down low...Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, George Rekkers, anyone?

p.s. by the way bitchez, you are fighting a loosing battle...

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Get your fangs out!

It begins tomorrow!!! I cant wait! Trueblood is back and with a gay vampire, hot. I may have to take  a break from the festivities and sneak home to watch it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Iceland allows the gays to Marry! are you listening America?

izz: In the spirit of gay pride here is this good news. The Parliament in Iceland voted 49-0, did you hear that, let me say it again 49-0 to approve gay marriage...they may piss icicles but they have  warm balls for the gays!

Happy Gay Pride Friday!!!!!!!!!!

It's that time again Gay Pride in LA...! Drink, be merry, be proud and have good yourself or with others! (more then one at time is fun too! ;)  just be safe. 

p.s. don't drink and drive and NO texting while driving... and that includes Grindr you dirty bitchez....

When dykes attack!

Jodie dyke Foster is being accused of attacking a 17 year old boy who took her picture at the Grove shopping mall in LA recently.

Here's what went down:
According to a police report, the incident occurred on May 29 between 1:50pm and 2:00pm with a report of battery and bodily force. The description reads:
"Vict while at The Grove saw susp and began to take pics of susp with his camera then walked to the valet area of The Grove. Susp followed vict, poked him on his chest, grabbed vict by his left arm causing visible injury."

The father of the alleged victim told exclusively: "My son was at The Grove with his girlfriend and they were going to see a movie. He saw Jodie Foster and is a big fan so went over and took a picture of her.
"She came after him, poked him in the chest and said, 'Do you even have a mother you slime ball?'"

their son
was really confused and apologized profusely to the actress. "He didn't mouth back at all and was scared of her," the father said. "At one point Jodie's son even came over to my son and apologized. Her kids were really embarrassed.

izz: Ok, Jo dyke you have been in the business long enough to either have gotten out of it or learned how to handle people but regardless you don't do that to a fan, especially a kid. Grow up and what is that behavior teaching your kids? Their have been numerous reports of her bad behavior with people over the years. It sounds like someone is in need of some serious meds. Calm down Clarice, John Hinckley Jr. is still behind bars...ya nutter

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Ronnie Kroell in PlayGirl

Ronnie Kroell from Bravo's show "make me a super model", has dropped his drawers for Playgirl and we ain't talking the Levi Johnston pathetic kind we are talking full Monty. Now I can't wait to get home and drop mine! 

for those interested and I'm sure none of you are ;) click here to view warning NSFW!

Anita Baker blows the National Anthem...

izz: Oh dear, not good Anita. Well every singer has an off night, except if your Celine Dion and Taylor Dayne, i have seen them perform many times especially Tay Tay and believe me those two have vocal cords of steel.

watch Anita sing the Anthem at the Celtics vs Lakers last night. Oh and p.s. can this shit end already, its really cutting into my bar time....

Van der Sloot says he knows where Natalie's body is

izz: Van der Sloot told or i should say "let slip" he knows where Natalie Holloway's body is buried. Um, no kidding, no big surprise there...but He said he will only tell Aruba authorities. He has played this bate and switch game many times...I just wish for her family the asshole would tell them...

16 yr old sailor Abby Sunderland found alive

CANBERRA, Australia – A 16-year-old California girl who was feared
lost at sea while sailing solo around the world has been found alive and well, adrift in the southern Indian Ocean as rescue boats head toward her damaged yacht, officials said.

After a tense 20 hours of silence, a search plane
launched from Australia's west coast made radio contact with Abby Sunderland on Friday in the frigid southern seas where her boat was repeatedly knocked down by huge waves and she lost satellite phone contact.

The boat's
mast was broken — ruining satellite phone reception — and was dragging with the sail in the ocean, said search coordinator Mick Kinley, acting chief of the Australia Maritime Safety Authority that chartered a commerical jet for the search.

But the
keel was intact, the yacht was not taking on water and Abby was equipped for the conditions, he said.

aircraft (crew) spoke to her. They told her help was on the way and she sounds like she's in good health," Kinley told reporters in Canberra.
"She's going to hang in there until a vessel can get to her," probably on Saturday, he said.

izz: Thank god they found her alive and are able to get to her. That said, what the hell is wrong with her parents letting a 16 year old girl sail across the world by herself? i have a 16 year old nephew and yes i know the argument that some kids are more mature then others and she is a life long sailor but she is still not fully developed adult, she is a teen. The whole life long sailor thing is a bunch of crap to me because lets break it down, shes 16 so lets say the time she can remember learning from is age 9 or 10 as far as sailing goes. Come on....

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Call her Miss Diana Ross

Ok so last night my friend BV and i went to see Diana Ross at the Nokia theater in downtown Los Angeles. Now of course like every good little gay boy (or most) i love me some Diana, my Itouch is loaded, from the Supremes to I will survive and everything in between. When you think of Motown the first songs that come in your head is anything from the Supremes, well for me anyway. I had never seen Diana in concert before last night. I had 2 encounters with her in person however. The first was at attorney Robert Shapiro's charity event. Diana was mingling and standing next to me, then she proceeded to say excuse me to get by, i obliged and no lie, her hair went into my mouth. I swear! If i thought fast enough i would have chomped my fangs down and clipped a piece. The second encounter i had with her, i was a Bristol Farms on Beverly in LA. it's a chi chi little food market. It was about 730-8 at night and as i was walking by one of the food displays there she was, with basket in hand just doing some shopping. Her famous hair, a bit of make up but not covering up at all. The second you saw her you knew it was Diana.
Now for me, I love to watch the other people  notice celebrities. It's fun to watch their reactions. So i hovered a bit. Plus it was Miss Ross come on! I walked by her we exchanged smiles and then i hunkered down to watch. Um, i should have know better, i was in LA. People are so self absorbed no one even noticed her. Every single person was engrossed with either their crackberry's, texting, talking to each other, blah blah blah, so i gave up.
Then at one point i found my self kneeling down reaching for a loaf of bread ( yes i know, bread, carbs and gay don't mix, but it was whole wheat, small slice and I'm Italian, so give me a break) when i turned to get up Diana was standing right next to me, our eyes locked and i said, "i love you Diana" and she said "thank you, I love you too baby". hysterical.

So back to the show last night. I was not expecting much and what i mean by that is this, she has been doing this for 40 something years, she is in her 60's not what people call "prime" so i thought it would be a fun walk down memory lane...Boy, was i in for a surprise. The minute she hit the stage i could not believe what i heard here voice was much better then i believe anything captured on recordings by her. Live she is far better. Truly. Every song she did was a hit from 60's up til the 90's and most people stood the entire time, you couldn't help but not. ( i will admit i had to take a seat at times only because of my sciatica). She did a nice tribute to Michael Jackson, his kids were there somewhere in the audience as was Barry Gordy.

But here are the two parts of the show that stood out for me the most. A little more than half way through the show she does a couple of songs from "Lady Sings the blues" and i will say it was a vocal stunner. The control, smoothness and strength of her voice was unreal. My other favorite part of the show was when she did her first Supremes song, which was Reflections. As she was singing it, on the screen in the background was the footage of her and the girls through out their incredible career. Watching her sing and to see that footage of a time before i was born, that is so iconic to me was just plain unreal....

I suggest if you can, go and see Diana. Trust me she is in her prime....

Douchebag of the day...

The Mayor of Yuma, Arizona, Al Krieger made extremely ignorant and homophobic remarks about the gay men and women serving in our military. Here is what the asshole said:

“I cannot believe a bunch of lacey-drawered, limp-wristed people could do what those men have done in the past.” 

Krieger said he believes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would have said the same thing, and that he was simply speaking from the heart.
“We need solid, strong men to fight those battles.  Not pacifists,” Krieger

izz: Where do i begin? First off, for all the gay service men and women who are currently serving and have died to defend ours and HIS freedoms, that is disgusting, repulsive and  he should be ashamed of himself as an elected official and not to mention an American. "limp writed, lacey drawered, pacifists" don't join the service, they are usually sitting behind desks like his..and on that note, has Krieger looked in the mirror? because after watching that video, he's describing himself. 

"We need solid strong men, to fight those battles" (interesting no mention of women). I'm sure his panties were extending in the crotch as he was saying this. God the thought makes me gag and not in a good way!

Lastly,  "George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would have said the same thing" I love when politicians make these quotes. First of all, they are long dead and unless Krieger is a 300 yr old vampire from Sookie Stackhouse's home town of Bon Temps, It's a pretty good bet he never met them. So how the hell would he know what either of them would have say on DADT? Its just so stupid to make comments like that,  not to mention that fact that it has no barring on today's society, we are in a completely different time.

Krieger, guess what? Shut up...oh and p.s. happy gay gay pride, i'm sure you'll be on Yuma leather daddies, lacey-drawered float...

watch the video of this tool here

Ricky Martin reveals his boyfriend in People en Espanol...

izz: Ricky Martin gave a cover story interview for the People en Espanol magazines Father's day issue. In it he talks about his boy friend, He told People that his love is a childhood friend. The pair lost touch but became reacquainted over a year ago in Miami. The investment analyst of Puerto Rican descent also helps with raising the children.

“I found strength as a couple and having a family is what was missing,” Martin said.

Bullying victim throws himself on train tracks after being attacked

A mother of a 16-year-old boy said her son jumped onto the railway tracks in an “absolute act of desperation” at Gardenvale Railway Station in the Melbourne bayside suburb Brighton on Sunday.
She is convinced another boy, aged 17, saved her son’s life after he stepped in, while 20 others stood by and did nothing.
“Karen” told Radio 3AW’s Neil Mitchell program today that her son had been the target of a cyber and school bullying campaign over several months.

But after he was king-hit and repeatedly kicked in a Sunday morning attack, the boy leapt onto the railway tracks, before heroic teen Sam Porter rushed to his aid.

Karen says her son had walked his girlfriend to the railway station to see her safely onto a citybound train, but the assailant and accomplices saw him and attacked.

“They held his girlfriend back, while the assailant went for my son. He was king-hit so he fell to the ground and he was kicked multiple times in the back,” she said.

While many adults witnessed the attack, no-one lifted a finger except even as one yelled out “someone please help him”.

izz: This is incredibly disturbing- adults watched and did nothing. NOTHING! WTF? Any group of people who stands by and watches a teenage kid being attacked and does nothing should be not only ashamed of themselves but also brought up on charges. That is disgusting. There is no excuse. 

Sam Porter, thanks for having the balls to stand up and save this kid.

read the full story here

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some good news for Iowa ...

izz: Bob Vander Plaats who was running for the GOP nomination for Governor bit the dust yesterday to former Governor Terry Branstad. However when Branstad was Governor years ago he helped sign into law the constitutional amendment that marriage was between a man and a women, which was then over turned last year. One of the main causes Vander Plaats was running on was stopping gay marriage's. He said if he got elected he would issue and executive order halting all same sex marriages. 

When a politician is more obsessed with eradicating what he believes is morally wrong then putting food on peoples tables and creating jobs in a state that has been hit hard by a bad economy, that usually means hes taking it up the ass. On the down low of course...we've seen it all too many times...

HUD says no more to discriminating against the gays, lesi's, bi's and tans...

WASHINGTON –  (loansafe) For the first time in its history, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will require grant applicants seeking HUD funding to comply with state and local anti-discrimination laws that protect lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals. Today, HUD published a notice detailing the general requirements that will apply to all of the Department’s competitively awarded grant programs for Fiscal Year 2010.
“We‘re using every avenue to shut the door against discrimination,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. “Today, we take an important step to insist that those who seek federal funding must demonstrate that they are meeting local and state civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

izz: Another notch in our belt! 

Panic! Repeal of DADT will make families have to explain homosexuality to children...

Ike Skelton, a conservative Missouri Democrat is afraid the repeal of DADT will force families to explain homosexuality to children.

Here is what the ignorant hick has to says: "What do mommies and daddies say to their 7-year-old child?”

izz: Yes because im sure every 7yr old knows about politics and are brushed up on their DADT policy. WTF? He sounds about as smart as a 7 yr old. Get a grip you freak.

I was just about to start my senior year in high school when my first nephew was born, this was the late 80’s is all I will say. Over the next following years he spent weekends and weekdays at my parents house all the time. I come from a big Italian family, so you know how that goes. My boyfriend at that time would sleep over on the weekends and my nephew would, every morning like clockwork burst into my bedroom, jumping on the bed, hitting us with pillows, yelling at the top of his lungs anything to wake us up. Some times at night, he would wander in, seeing us laying in bed together watching tv, doing exactly what any “normal” heterosexual couple would be doing. During that time we acted as any straight couple would with each other. You know we were in a relationship.

One time when my nephew was 15 we were shopping at the Gap and he informed me that some guy was checking me out. He said this to me with the same “hey dude, that chick is checking you out” teenage casual cool he would have said to one of his buddies.

Here is my point, my nephew grew up never knowing gay was not normal because we never made it anything but. People Ike Skelton become like hysterical hyenas and get completely over board and paranoid about “a national discussion about homosexuality”? This is how simple it is, if and when a child brings up the question the answer is people are free to love whomever they want and it’s not wrong. That is all the answer a child needs. It is your own personal bigotry, ignorance, uncomfortableness and discrimination that makes it a big deal because children only follow what they learn.

Bodies found with hearts cut out near Cancun....

izz:In a cave near Cancun, police found six bodies, 2 women and 4 men, 3 of which had their hearts cut out. Gross. They believe it was drug related. This reminds me of the Matamoros cult killings back in 1989, when leader Adolfo Constanzo believed torture and human sacrifice would ward off authorities from the drug cartels. Cancun has always been a hot vacation spot but in recent times it has become victim to Mexico's notorious drug wars. I guess it was only a matter of time, right?

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Homophobia in the Burbs....

Frankie Nielson and his boyfriend Danny Hankes were dining at the LaFiesta Azteca Restaurant Alsip Il. when after sharing a sociably acceptable kiss, the owner of the restaurant, Jaime Esparza approached the couple and asked them to stop.

Esparza said to the couple: "I said, 'You don't have to get upset. Enjoy your food, your drink also, but behave until you're done. Respect this place.'"

Hankes had this to say in response: "Primarily, [Esparza] claimed that his religious beliefs and his establishment being a 'family-restaurant' prompted, and somehow justified, his actions," Hankes said. "He then told Frankie that he knows a lesbian couple that frequents his restaurant and does not kiss because 'they know it's wrong.'"

Nielson and Hanks on an urging from a friend contacted Gay Liberation Network's ( GLN's ) Andy Thayer at International Day Against Homophobia. Nielsen told Thayer his story, and the two decided to organize a June 4th kiss-in, in which dozens showed up to lend support. Read the rest of that story here

izz: "behave until you are done" "respect his place" blow me is what i have to say. Get down off the cross idiot. I Esparza wants to serve only people who respect or believe in his "religious beliefs" then he should open a restaurant at Mel Gibson's Church in Malibu..

Willow Canyon High School Teachers get off your Ass's- Protect Your Student!

Caleb Laieski is a 15yr old gay student at Willow Canyon High in Surprise. AZ. being bullied and the teachers are doing nothing to protect him.

Caleb says: "There are a lot of teachers that when people say you're gay, or they call me a faggott or even some death threats have been made to me in classroom," said Laieski. "I do see teachers, they hear it and everything and they choose no to intervene."

Laieski came out three years ago, and has since become an activist on issues related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights. In 2008, he founded Gays & Lesbians United Against Discrimination (GLUAD).
"I think tolerance comes about with education," said Laieski.

Dan Pochoda, legal director of ACLU Arizona, says Caleb's situation is "troubling."
On behalf of the ACLU, Pochoda wrote a letter to the Dysart Unified School District asking the school to look into Laieski's situation.

Pochoda also requested the district "ensure that all District bullying, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies specifically include actual or percieved sexual orientation and gender identity."
"We'd like to work this out in discussion, face to face discussion rather than litigation which we would do if necessary," Pochoda said.

Citing privacy reasons, Dysart officials say they cannot comment on specific student situations.

"The Dysart District has policies in place that prohibit illegal discrimination and harassment as well as bullying," Jim Dean, Director of Community Relations for Dysart Unified School District wrote in an email. "These policies include reporting and complaint mechanisms for concerns to be raised and addressed."

The school district has resources for student including a Safe Schools Hotline.

But Laieski say the efforts haven't been enough to prevent him for being bullied.
"I'm not asking them to agree on my perspective," said Laieski, "I'm asking for tolerance."

izz: Jim Dean, WTF? Have you not read enough about these bullying stories in the news as of late. i.e. Massachusetts. Get your teachers on the stick and get these punks in line its that simple. Clearly the "policies" you have in place are a joke. This is a child being made to feel less then, what is wrong with you?

Caleb, hang in there and keep up the strength!

Chef cooks up gay extortion plot...

Business men of DC be careful, there are crazies around every corner. Shawn Lightfoot is charged with  with extortion for threating a Detroit business man saying he was going to release pictures of the man having gay sex to his family and work of he did not fork over $25,000. However this guy effed with the wrong guy. 

The businessman returned to Detroit and told his wife and the FBI about the threats, and agreed to let federal agents record his phone conversations.
Over the next three weeks, the caller threatened to tell the man's wife and business and texted pictures of the businessman. The caller demanded the businessman wire $25,000 in hush money or he would "make his life miserable," the FBI affidavit said.

read the rest here

Gay boys are thinner then Straight boys....

So it took studying 67,000 Mass. people to figure this out. All they had to do was go from gay bar to straight bar, i think that would about summed up the survey without any cost except a $14 dollar apple martini at Boy bar and a $3 dollar Bud at Hooters and a Melissa Etheridge concert ... 

Here is the break down: 21 per cent of straight men were classed as obese, only 14 per cent of gay men were.
Conversely, they found that 26 per cent of lesbians were obese, compared to 17 per cent of straight women. (sorry girls i mean sirs, :)

Also they found that gay men and lesbians were more likely to smoke than straight people and lesbians were more likely to be at risk of heart disease than straight women. Not good, queers and lezzies time to put those fags, i mean ciggs out! It's trashy. They 80's are ova. unfortunately :( ....white lines blowing through my mind....

LDS fine for not reporting financials during their Prop Hate mission...

izz:The nasty Mormons were fined for not reporting on time the contributions they made to California in order to over turn gay marriage. The real reason they did not report it was to hide/ cover up their immense involvement in Prop8 as was revealed in the case currently before the California supreme court, scheduled to hear closing arguments this month.

The LDS Church has agreed to pay a fine to California for failing to report, on time, contributions the Utah-based faith made in fall 2008 to help overturn gay marriage in the Golden State.
The California Fair Political Practices Commission's staff has determined the LDS Church violated the state's political-contributions law in the days leading up to passage of Proposition 8. The agency has proposed a $5,539 fine, representing 15 percent of the $36,928 in contributions to the "Yes on 8" campaign that the LDS Church did not report on time.
The commission will vote Thursday on whether to approve the penalty.
"The church appreciates the fairness and consideration with which the Fair Political Practices Commission has addressed this oversight," LDS Church spokesman Scott Trotter said in a statement. "In the last two weeks leading up to the election, the church mistakenly overlooked the daily reporting requirement and instead reported those contributions together in a later filing."
Fred Karger, who filed the original complaint with the commission, said Tuesday the fine validates his allegations that the LDS Church tried to "cover up" its role in banning same-sex marriage in California.
"They have absolutely every right -- as any religious organization, any individual, any business owner, union, whomever -- to be involved," he said. "But they must comply with the law if they are going to be involved in politics. That's what they've been covering up."
Trotter insisted the church reported all "institutional contributions" to the "appropriate authorities in California." The church waited until Jan. 30, 2009 -- months after the Prop 8 vote -- to report $134,774 of the $189,904 it spent on the campaign. The money went to "Yes on 8" leader
"Claims that the church misrepresented its contributions to the ProtectMarriage Coalition are false," Trotter said.
Roman Porter, the commission's executive director, said Tuesday there are not any additional outstanding complaints against the LDS Church for its financial reporting on Prop 8. The agreement for the fine, he noted, addresses "all of the issues" related to Karger's complaint, which included additional charges of under-reporting by the church.
The Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights group, praised the commission and Karger.
"It's just not credible that a multibillion-dollar, sophisticated organization like the LDS Church didn't know or understand the election-law requirements," Joe Solmonese, HRC president, said in a statement. "California requires early disclosure so voters know who's behind these referendum fights and, clearly, the Mormon Church worked overtime to keep their full involvement hidden from the people of California."

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Mississippi enacts state wide anti-bullying law...

A new statewide policy on bullying at schools is less than a month away from going into effect.

The Mississippi Legislature, requires all school districts to have a local bullying policy enacted.

Officials hope to define what bullying is in schools and to distinguish it from simple harassment.

It will also help faculty and students better report bullying.

"It does require us to have a procedure in place," says Judy Couey, Superintendent of Starkville School District. "It also defines what were talking about when you talk about bullying. We've had a procedure in place for reporting bullying but now we will have a written protocal as well"

deets via wtva

Ricky Martin's former Menudo bandmember is gay...

Angelo García is a former Menudo band member of Ricky Martin's from back in the day, is openly gay and says he has always been. I remember when Menudo was big in this country and i remember Ricky Martin but i don't remember Angelo Garcia but then again he did not look like this back then. Hot!

This is what he had to say about being gay and about Martin: 

“I’m very honest about who I am, but I don’t like labels. People have to know that sexuality does not define a person. I’m more than that, I’m a son, a brother, a musician.”
García said he was not surprised to learn that Martin was gay, although they never discussed sexuality. García was, at age 10, the youngest member of Menudo. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rampage tries to spin....

Rampage took to his blog to "clear" up the anti-gay remarks he made. Here is what he said:

"I am a black man from Memphis Tennessee who grew up in the south where I faced discrimination my whole life," he wrote. "I know very well how it feels for someone to judge you for something you have no control over so having gone through that I know how it feels. I took a vow that I didn't even have to say that I would never discriminate against anybody for anything other that how they treat me or others around them. So not only DO I NOT HATE gay people, I actually accept them for who and what they are."

"When I did this interview the interviewer witnessed my friend giving me s--t and calling me gay," Jackson wrote. "I was so embarrassed and didn't want my ego tainted because I'm a big tough fighter. So yes, I got quite defensive and I'm known to be the best s--t talker in my business and a fighter in all aspects in life. So I made fun of him back, calling him gay."

izz:Well i will say this, at least he did not use a publicist or the "taken out of context" excuse. I think he basically said what happened and that was it. He cleared it up, it sounds legite. But let's remember if it was a white guy spewing racial slurs to another guy regardless of his race this would be a whole different story lets not forget....

1 half of Malawi couple leaves other for woman!

izzo: So sad. After their horrifying story the Malawi gay couple have now separated. I'm sure it is do to the pressure of the international media and  living in a country that criminalizes homosexuality both by the people and the government, Stevem Monjeza, 26, one half of the couple has begun a relationship with Dorothy Gulo, a 24-year-old from Blantyre.  

Monjez said:

"I have had enough," he said. "I was forced into the whole drama and I regret the whole episode. I want to live a normal life ... not a life where I would be watched by everyone, booed and teased."

Chimbalanga who is not bitter toward Steven said in his response:

Monjeza had found a female lover "to hurt" him. "But I am not worried. You cannot force love, and nobody forced him when we did our symbolic wedding in December."

"I will also marry because there are lots of good men around. I will remain a gay,"

izz: This is what homophobia doe's. SO sickening.

deets via guardian

Saudi Arabia Sucks!

izz: Saudi Arabia has ampted up it's stance against homosexuals by banning gay and lesbian workers from with in and other countries. Saudi Arabia like most of the crazy ass middle east are homophobes, following Islamic laws which bans homosexuality ( This a country in which cursing gods name is punishable by death, that alone says it all) Here's the thing, it's easy to say "fine then gays should just not go there and fuck them" believe me that is my first thought always, among many others :) However you have to think of the gay people that live there, unfortunately that can not get out. 
So as easy as it is to write these bigoted, discriminating countries off, we can't forget about our peeps that are trapped in the hell of those countries and their sick archaic "laws"...Because let's face it, it was the out cry of the gay community and all these amnesty type groups, our government and others which put the pressure on the President of Malawi to pardon the gay couple from their 14 yr prison sentence. (we know Madonna didn't, don't get me started again :) This it what it takes to make change...

“Officials of recruitment agencies who are responsible in conducting interviews of job applicants to Saudi Arabia are strongly advised to screen them thoroughly so that those belonging to the third sex are excluded," the memo read.

p.s. But i still think Saudi Arabia sucks...:) kiss's

(read the deets  here)

Film about Prop8 and the evil Mormons to open in June

izz: A documentary about Prop8 and how the Mormons used their dirty hands in order to get a law over turned to discriminate against people and take away equality because of their personal beliefs (complete scumbags :) is being released in select cities June 18th. The documentary '8: The Mormon Proposition'  is narrated by Dustin Lance Black and is being released on dvd in July. A must see!

go here to read the deets

Women putting on makeup while driving...

izz: I don't know what it is but i find it fascinating watching women putting on makeup while driving. Every morning on my way to work, i always catch a woman doing her face and i thinks it's hysterical. I think also the fact that women have the ability to multi-task and men can not and that includes gay men. I will say they probably are a smidgen better at it then straight men but not much and not all. I am not one of them for sure!

Archbishop Timothy Broglio is a complete idiot...

izz: Actually let me rephrase that, hes not an idiot, he's and asshole. Broglio, the chief shepherd of Catholics in the United States Armed Forces says repeal of the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy would sanction “immoral activity” and “jeopardize morale, good morals, unit cohesion and every other factor that weakens the [military] mission.”

How does he think people take this shit seriously? His statement is all about how the bible says homosexuality is wrong and is an abomination and your going to hell if you act on it. But we homo's should be treated with respect and blah blah. You can not in one sentence say that gays are sinners and going to hell and then in the next say they "can expect respect and treatment worthy of their human dignity". Yes we can die for our country but we should not be allowed to serve openly?

That is why there is suppose to be separation of CHURCH AND STATE because no religious group should have any influence on any laws in this country. Religion has no place in politics. None.

p.s. Somebody's got a case of the gay face going on, hello Tim...What is it with all these clergy men, they always look like the biggest queers... :)

read his statement after the jump its almost comical...If it wasn't so undermining to the gay men and women giving their lives defending our country.

Van der Sloot confesses....

izz: According to authorities in Peru, Joran Van der Sloot has confessed to killing Stephany Flores Ramirez after she looked up information about his past on his laptop. In Peru lighter sentences are usually given to criminals that confess, so i am sure that is why he did. There is no death penalties or life sentences in Peru. What a scumbag. I bet he still doe's not give up any info on Natalie Holloway, because if he is looking at a lighter sentence in Peru, he would then have to face any charges brought against him in Aruba after his time served if he confesses to wrong doing in her case.

p.s. Can't wait to hear Nancy Grace go crazy over this!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Teen Nut

izz:Apparently there is this new game going around middle schools and i guess i high schools called "Sack Tapping"where boys get hit, punched or flicked in the balls by other guys as a test of their strength. Wouldn't a simply bench press contest do the trick? Any way one 14 year old kid in Minnesota has already had to have a testicle amputated after being hit in the groin and his testicle ruptured. OK I don't know about you be just reading the article, my groin was in pain, i had to stop halfway through an take a breather. The mere thought of my nuts getting flicked, punched, kicked or even being told to cough by the Dr. has me doubled over and sweating! Wtf is going on with these kids?

(read the full article here (if your nuts can take it)

Simply Vanished....

izz: I just cam across this article on In 1992 Bryon Page 17 years old hopped on a bus in Los Angeles headed to a record store in West Hollywood, never to be heard from again. He came from an apparently good well rounded home, no trouble or issues going on. The reason I am even commenting on this story is the fact that he has never been found. Its one thing to have a child go missing and then later be found dead but to have a child simply vanish? Bryon was a 5"8 160 lbs 17 year old teenager, so we are not talking about a toddler here. He would be a lot harder to abduct. It's just so strange how people just disappear, gone, vanished, never to be heard from strange. I can't even imagine the agony the family must feel...

(read the full story here cnn)

Helen Thomas what a shame...

izz: Its a shame to end a well respected career as hers was in such and awful light. Last week when asked by Helen Thomas made these controversial comments about Jews:

Specifically, she was asked, "Any comments on Israel?"
"Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine," she responded.
The interviewer then asked "Any better comments on Israel?"
To which Thomas said, "Remember, these people are occupied and it's their land. It's not German's. It's not Poland's."
Thomas was then asked where the Jews in Israel should go? Thomas responded, "They should go home," which the White House reporter identified as "Poland, Germany ... and America and everywhere else."

izz: The truth is you can never recover your image from making comments like these. It discredits you and sullies up your reputation.With a career as long and distinguished as hers, it truly is unfortunate.

(deets via cnn)

Justin Long & Mike White Marry for prop8...

izz: Justin Long and Mike White make a video to over turn prop8. Its pretty funny...

Portugal's first gay marriage...

izz: Teresa Pires and Helena Paixao are Portugal's first gay couple to get married since gay marriage became law. Congrats! 

Portugal is the sixth European country to recognize same-sex marriages. Wouldn't it be nice if the US would be able to adhere to separation of church and state and allow gay marriage? Because that's what this all comes down too...those ass face Christians....kisses  :)

London Gays Go Protest!

izz: The manager of Greencoat Boy pub in London's Westminster, refused to serve a party when he found out the patrons were a Labour LGBT group. Seriously?

James Asser,  one of the Labour LGBT group said to the BBC: “Everyone involved was shocked and outraged. This attitude is totally unacceptable in this day and age. What century are we living in here?    When you encounter prejudice you have to stand up and be counted – at the very least we expect an apology.    We also want a demonstration that the pub chain takes this very seriously and will make sure it never happens again.”

izz: I agree. That manager should be fired. Go protest!

(deets via gayanda)

Ted Haggard , no gay marriage at his church

izz: Ted Haggard announcing his plans for his new church is laughable. He says everyone is welcome, gays, bi's, straights, because he doesn't judge anymore. lols. However he will not allow gay marriage because as he says "God's ideal plan for a marriage is the union of a man and a woman." sounds like he;s judging....Hello Ted...

People like him are so insane, do them hear themselves? honestly? and his wife, what a dumbass in denial, desperate house wife is she. I watched them on Oprah both times and i could tell even O herself wasn't buying what was coming out of Haggard's wife's mouth. Now unless she is cool with that fact that he is gay or bi (although now he claims he is "cured" of male attraction) then that's fine. But come on who can even take these two clowns seriously. I just feel bad for the kids. If he had any concern for them he would have just shut up and gone away and stop embarrassing his children.

NY Man with Knife threatens gay man...

NEW YORK (AP) - Police have arrested a man on a hate crime charge in connection to an anti-gay incident.
Authorities said a 43-year-old Brooklyn man approached two 22-year-old men around 9:30 Saturday morning on Utica Avenue and began making comments about 1 of the men's clothing.
As the men continued on their way, police said the older man pulled out a knife and made anti-gay remarks while menacing them.
The younger men flagged down two police officers, who took the 43-year-old into custody.
He was charged with menacing as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon.

izz: Ok it sounds like this guy has a few screws loose then just being anti gay. I think there is more to his mental state then being homophobic, like being a nut case is more like it! Crazy bitch...

source AP

Elton sings for a douchebag wtf?

izz: Elton was payed 1 million to play at Rush Limbaugh's 4th wedding, mind you, this weekend. WTF Elton? First of all you don't need the money. Secondly even associating yourself with an anti gay idiot like him is a slap in the face to your community. Lastly, he is against gay marriage. Meaning YOU are a second class citizen to him. You are not worthy of the same rights as he is as he so happily shoved in your face as you were performing for him at his 4th wedding. Nice Elton. Where is your self-esteem Rocket man?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pot dealers the new Avon ladies....

izz: I swear only in LA would you see this. Apparently marijuana home delivery service is booming in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities. The menu choices are vast also, ranging from brownies, cakes, cookies to organic vegetables or the good old fashioned fatty...lols For all you entrepreneur's out there, you may want to get on the stick and start a business plan because this Nov we vote to legalize pot or not and you could be starting a whole new career!

p.s. I don't know what legalize gay pot means but there is a website, check it out here

(read the deets via ladailynews)
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