Kenya’s PM Was "Misquoted" About Arresting Gays…

Isn’t if funny how everyone who spews any kind of hate, always back peddles with “I was misquoted” Or “It was taken out of context” excuse?  Oh and girlfriend, put some powder on that face, cuz you’re shining like the glitter on a drag queens ass…. 

Prime Minister Raila Odinga said that he did not plan to order the arrest of all gay men and lesbians, and that his recent comments were merely intended to illustrate antigay propaganda.

Activists in the African country were panicked Sunday when the prime minister said in a public address that the new constitution called for the widespread arrest of gay men and lesbians. He also questioned why homosexuality was “necessary,” given that a recent census showed the populations of men and women to be equal.

Odinga added, “It was said that I ordered the arrest of gay people but nothing could be further from the truth. I did not say that. I was just explaining the propaganda used by people who were campaigning against the new constitution.”

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