Iowa, WTF??

Three Iowa lawmakers are drafting legislation that could lead to the impeachment of the remaining state supreme court justices who ruled for marriage equality in 2009.

State representatives Tom Shaw, Glen Massie, and Kim Pearson, all freshmen politicians, are pushing for the removal of four judges. Their effort was bolstered by Republican speaker-elect of the state house, Kraig Paulson, who said he would not stand in the way of the effort. If successful, judges Mark Cady, David Wiggins, Daryl Hecht, and Brent Appel would be removed.

Ok these mother effers need to be stopped. I am tired of these nasty ass bigots trying to control other peoples lives. first off Tom Shaw, Glen Massie and Kim Pearson, need to get a life…I’d love to know what dirty little secrets they are hiding….Gays and Straights of Iowa do not let this happen!!!

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