Teacher Gets Fired For Teaching Anti-Bullying…WTF?

Dave Dixon was fired from his job as a high school drama teacher after a lesson on bullying

The Haralson County school board terminated teacher Dave Dixon last night after Dixon showed a short clip from the film “The Reckoning” during a lesson on bullying. Dixon, who taught drama at Haralson County High School, said recent LGBT-youth suicides provided an opportunity for a “teachable moment.”

Haralson County High School is located on Ga. Highway 120 in Tallapoosa, Ga.

“The Reckoning,” a short film starring Bruce Hart, centers on Tom Shepard, a character who is gay-bashed after his public display of pride. Hart is a personal friend of Dixon who Dixon described as “the sweetest man you’ll ever meet.”

“The Reckoning” is loosely based on the story of Matthew Shepard, according to the website IMDB.

Drama teacher David Dixon was fired after showing a clip from the short film “The Reckoning” during a lesson on bullying (via Facebook)

Dixon said he showed a clip from the film to his class, but after a scene with obscene language, he quickly turned off the video and apologized to his class.

In the scene in question, one of the characters asks another, “Do you suck cock?”

“A female student complained to her mother,” Dixon said. “If this movie was not about gay rights, this wouldn’t have come up.”

“I’ve never felt so bullied,” he said. “My purpose was to try to prevent it.”

Here, a teacher is trying to speak out against bullying and he gets fired. It is unfortunate that the “do you suck cock?” line was heard, but by mistake I’m sure and to get fired for that? And please, what high school kid has not heard that term before?  Can we get a grip here?

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