Michael Medved Not Happy About Trans Athlete…

Conservative talk show host Michael Medved has slammed the first openly transgender college basketball player, calling Kye Allums’s participation in collegiate sports ‘an insane level of political correctness.’

Allums, who came out as transgender in a recent interview with Outsports, has been embraced by George Washington University teammates and has not yet transitioned.

‘This absurd situation means either that the athletic officials inexplicably allow a man to play on a woman’s team, or else they don’t really consider Allums a man,’ Medved wrote. ‘The Allums example suggests that we take athletic competition too seriously to allow gender classification based on feelings alone.’”

I always love it when people, whom themselves belong to a minority group, slam and support bigotry of another minority group. Medved is of Jewish faith, i mean really, he should know better.

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