It’s That Time Of Year Again For The Hot Dieux du Stade’s Rudby Calendar…

Really is there anything hotter then those rugby men getting all naked and wet? Hell No. Follow the link below to view the (nsfw) new videos, but make sure you are doing it during some alone time or even better, with a “friend”… ;)

The French rugby club Stade Francais is out with its 2011 calendar, another in the annual flesh fest of hot rugby players and other jocks baring all for our entertainment. The calendar is now for sale and costs $41.

For some reasons, horses are one theme this year and it’s simply odd. Seeing a jock, no matter how hot, looking like he’s about to kiss a horse is pretty bizarre, so I’ll wait for someone to explain the artistic intent. No matter — there are so many jocks featured that there is bound to be someone for everyone’s tastes.

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