Chris Krok Should Be Fired…

As I am sure you may have heard by now the homophobic, anti-gay rant that KLIF 570 AM radio host Chris Krok went on recently after Fort Worth councilman Joel Burns gave an impassioned speech about being bullied as a young gay kid. Although any bigotry toward gay people is disturbing, Krok’s rant reached beyond what we typically see in the media today. His speech, exuded such hate, bigotry and discrimination that it would lead one to believe that a deeper issue lies within Kork himself then just your run of the mill conservative who does not believe in homosexuality because the “bible says it is a sin”. 

I do not know if anything has ever happened to Krok as a child or even if he may have his own personal struggles. But one thing is clear, Krok is deeply entrenched with hatred for a group that has done nothing to him. When you listen to the original broadcast below, Krok, speaks with a lisp to further degrade Joel Burns and the gay community as a hole. While he plays the audio of Brun’s speech, he pauses it at points to mock what he is saying. Burn’s at one point refers to his “husband”, this particular referral sparks anger in Krok to which he stops the tape and goes on a tangent about Burns not having a husband because he lives in Texas where gay marriage is not legal and that also he is a man, there fore he can not have a husband.

I will not comment on all the of the discriminatory things said in Kork’s segment, There are just too many. But one i found most despicable and very sad for Kork, is when Burns referenced all the gay teen suicide of late (his reason for the speech to begin with) Kork again became unglued, raging that Texas has not had any suicides so Burns’s speech was pointless and that he should take it some where else…We are suppose to be a country of one, are we not? I ask Kork, since 9/11 happened in NY, does that mean on the anniversary of that day should no one in Texas acknowledge that because it “didn’t happen In Texas”? I also ask if Kork himself has any children? What if one of those suicides was his child? I find it hard pressed that any father could not have compassion for another fathers loss of a child, because “it didn’t happen here”.

Lastly, apparently after a call from GLAAD to the stations operation manager, Kork has been disciplined and is going to issue an apology. After you listen to the audio below, i do not believe there is any apology that Kork can give to Burns or the rest of the community that is acceptable. It is that bad. Nor do i believe it would be a truthful apology. My stance is that Kork should be fired, this is far beyond a slap on the wrist situation. This guy has not only made anger filled remarks about a minority group, but he has also mocked the tragic suicides of teenagers across this country because they were bullied by the exact same hate that Kork is fueling. I am also a firm believer in freedom of speech, but i am not a believer in hatred, bigotry or discrimination and if Kork had went on this rant about black people, Jewish people etc. He would be handed his walking papers… 

As GLAAD reports on its blog, Krok attacked Burns in a segment that originally aired on radio station KLIF 570 AM last month but became the subject of blog conversations this past weekend. Burns made an “It Gets Better” message last month that became a YouTube sensation.

“On behalf of Joel and the many others whose life stories intersect with his, GLAAD made a phone call this afternoon to Jeff Catlin, the operations manager for Cumulus Media Dallas, KLIF’s parent company,” reported GLAAD blog on Monday. “The conversation was a productive one; Catlin both understands and shares our concern. As the person who oversees KLIF, Catlin acknowledged that he has the ‘responsibility to be responsible’ for what airs on the station.

“Without going into detail, Catlin said that he spoke with Krok and that he was disciplined shortly after the segment aired. He also pointed out that Krok has not spoken about this since then.”

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