C.J. Spiller Apologizes For Gay Slur…

Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller apologized for using an antigay slur against Eagles defensive end Ricky Sapp on Twitter.

On Wednesday Sapp tweeted, “How is everyone today?” to which Spiller responded, “Keep my name out of ur mouth fag,” according toPro Football Talk. The post has since been deleted.

Though there is no indication as to what provoked the comment, Sapp told another Twitter user that he or she was beginning to “get on my bad side like @CJSPILLER” right before Spiller’s tweet.

The rookie running back wrote Wednesday night, “I wanna apologize for using dat derogatory term to any1 that I may have offended I am truly sorry that was out of my character. God bless.”

I always love it when people say theses derogatory comments and then apologize by saying “it was out of my character”. If it is out of your character then why did you say it? It’s out of Character for me to steal, so i would not do it… Pretty simple…

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