Michael Savage Is An Asshole….

Savage said on his radio show that throat cancer is on a rise between gay men, because of oral sex. However read the following and you will see that the dumb bitch did not give ALL the facts. I love how all this comes from a man with the last name Weener Weiner. Also for those of you who do not know, Savage’s son Russell Weiner is the creator and ceo of RockStar energy drink. 

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage said in a broadcast this week that being gay is a risk factor for throat cancer, attributing the disease to oral sex between men.

According to Media Matters, he said the following in his Monday broadcast of The Savage Nation:

“Did you hear this? Oral sex between men is bringing about a rise in men’s throat cancer, as well as a few other risk factors. Would you like to hear what they are? Would you like to hear this? Oh, that’s right, how about marijuana? Oral sex amongst men and marijuana smoking seem to be correlated in the increase of men’s throat cancer. It’s a horrible type of cancer. Horrible. Just horrible horrible horrible!”

Media Matter reports that ABC News did report on a study that links oral sex to certain cancers, but it does not attribute the disease to gay men. Rather, the study says that certain oral and other head and neck cancers can be caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which can be contracted through oral sex, but happens to be as common in women as it is in men.”

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